Top Accessories For The Apple iPhone X

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Top Accessories For The Apple iPhone X

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The iPhone X was launched back in September along with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. However, it was not until the 3rd of November that users in India received their beloved iPhone X. New features like wireless charging, a bezel-less display and the much talked-about Face ID make the iPhone X one of the most interesting iPhones launched in the recent years.

Let’s check out the top accessories that you can buy to compliment your shiny new Apple iPhone X:

Rhinoshield Screen Protector

With wireless charging, comes an all glass design. The glass used on the iPhone X is the hardest glass Apple has ever used on a smartphone but, if you are clumsy and a case doesn’t cut it for you then the Rhinoshield screen protector is just what you need. You can buy a protector for the back of the phone as well and give your new iPhone X an all-round protection from your clumsy hands.

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Rhinoshield Mod Case

Rhinoshield is known for making really good cases for the iPhones. The new mod case for the iPhone X takes modularity to a whole new level. Not only can you pick and choose different buttons for the case, you can also customise the back rim and the back panel of the case. But, the reason this case makes its case to be on this list is the modularity it offers in terms of photography. You can add four different lenses to your iPhone X and get the perfect shot you’ve been waiting for. You can choose between wide-angle, fish-eye, super wide and macro lenses depending on the kind of photo or video you’re preparing to shoot.

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Anker PowerTouch 10 Wireless Charger

Apple finally introduced wireless charging in its iPhone lineup this year. This means that if you have bought an iPhone X, you will definitely buy a wireless charger as well. Fret not, because the Anker PowerTouch 10 is the ideal wireless charger in India. It has a nice sturdy built and comes in a nice matte black colour. It supports 10V output so when Apple enables fast wireless charging on the iPhone X, you won’t have to look for another one.

SanDisk iXpand

The iPhones have never had expandable storage. There are people still, who own an iPhone with 16GB of onboard storage and continue to live like that. If you had saved up for the iPhone X but, spending over a lakh on a phone was not ideal and you went for the 64GB variant instead, then the SanDisk iXpand is the best tool you can buy. It connects to your iPhone via the lightning port and you can store images, songs, movies and a host of other things in this little expandable storage tool and keep your iPhone X free for those 4K 60fps videos.

MoArmouz Headphone Adapter

It’s been over a year since Apple decided to kill off the headphone jack. If you are still in love with your headphones and would rather choose the dongle life over bluetooth headphones, then this nifty accessory from MoArmouz makes perfect sense for you. The dongle has a sturdy build and doesn’t add much weight to the iPhone making it portable and comfortable. It comes with a small carrying pouch so that you remember to put the dongle back in it and not forget it elsewhere.

NuAns Cable

This nifty little accessory can be your saviour in dire times. It is a small lightning cable that doubles up as a key chain. You can basically take it along with you as a key chain and use it to charge your iPhone X when you find out that you’ve left your charging cable at home.

Mi Power Bank Pro

One of the best power banks in the market, the Mi Power Bank Pro supports quick charging. This means that you can rapidly charge up your iPhone X while on the go. With a capacity of 10000 mAh, you can easily charge your phone more than twice without wanting to charge it again.

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B&O Beoplay H8 Headphones

If you are on the bluetooth side of the spectrum, then you should invest in some of the best bluetooth headphones you can buy. The Beoplay H8 from Bang & Olufsen with active noise cancelation are some of the best bluetooth headphones available in th market. They have a premium built and long hours of music listening should not be an issue with these headphones.

Mujjo Walltet Case

Another case in the list, this one is a simple leather case with one useful feature. It has a card holder at the back for convenience and the built quality of the case is even better than the leather case that Apple makes.

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