Apple Watch Shipments Exceed 3.5 Million In Q2 Of 2018

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Apple Watch Shipments Exceed 3.5 Million In Q2 Of 2018

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While Apple was late to arrive in the wearables industry, the company is now the top brands in the segment. The Apple Watch Series 3 launched at the September 12 event, last year. Since then, the company also released an LTE variant of the smartwatch which can replace your iPhone if you manage to forget it at home or somewhere else. The sales figures for the company’s smartwatch show that the second quarter of 2018 was the best period for the company. The company managed to ship close to 3.5 million smartwatches in this quarter. To put this in perspective, this is 30% more shipment than the company’s performance last year.

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Apple Watch

Competitors like Fitbit and Garmin, have been in the wearable industry long before Apple. The company still managed to put up a strong Q2 performance this year. With that said, the formerly mentioned companies have also performed well. In fact, both Fitbit and Garmin are dominating the smartwatch market share. So, despite shipping 3.5 million products, the company suffered a decline in its market share. Which dipped from 43% to 34% in Q1 of 2018. Also worth noting is that the numbers show Apple Watch Series 3 is the more popular watch from the company.  As compared to its previous gen smartwatches.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple has a way of bringing the same features as the competition but in a more refined manner. For instance, the Watch Series 3 has a new and advanced heart rate sensor. This heart rate sensor will notify an increased heart rate of the user, while he or she is not active. The smartwatch also provides cellular functionality allowing you to place calls or use iMessage for texting without having their smartphone connected. The Watch Series 4 also allows users to stream 40 million songs from the iTunes and the Music App. The display of the watch acts as an antenna for the electronic SIM card.

With rumours of an Apple Watch Series 4 now picking up the pace, it will be interesting to see what the company does differently with this iteration of its wearables. We have previously covered the Apple Watch Series 3 in-depth.

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