An Ultra Rare Apple-1 Computer Is Going Up For Auction

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An Ultra Rare Apple-1 Computer Is Going Up For Auction

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Steve Job’s first marvel of technology – Apple-1 is still up and running and ready for your bid!

If you are an absolute tech fanatic, you would surely want to get your hands on the extremely rare Apple 1, hand-built by the company’s numero uno Steve Jobs himself. But there’s a catch here – you’d have to be loaded to even consider participating in the auction.  Yes, owning this integral piece of Apple history is no easy feat. If rumours are anything to go by, the Apple 1 will fetch over a whopping $300,000

Did your jaw hit the floor yet?

On the other hand, you can easily buy the brand new and super snazzy – 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera with this abnormally huge amount.

Down The History Lane…


apple 1


The Apple 1 computer, built in the mid-70s in a run-down California garage, was Steve Job’s and Steve Wozniak’s first creation before Apple went on to become a trillion dollar company. Originally sold at a mere $666, Apple 1 was one of the 200 computers to be produced over the course of 10 months. The duo managed to build and sell 175 of them. It was debuted in April 1976 at the Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alto. Unlike most of the kit computers of that era, the Apple 1 circuit board came fully assembled and was a treat to tech hobbyists.

Ironically, a very few people took it seriously back then.

But the members of the Palo Alto Homebrew Computer Club and California’s The Byte Shop computer store, sending its worth, snatched it up. Who would have thought that a very eccentric Jobs would revolutionise computers and phones like no one else? And the rest is, as they say, a history!


The Apple-1 Auction

This is not the first Apple auction of this kind. Over the years, Apple has indulged its huge fan base by putting up many of these computers up for auction. However, out of the original 200, only about 60 or so units are left at present, with only 8 of them being operational. The machine was restored this summer by Apple-1 expert  Corey Cohen, who has given this machine a nod of approval by rating it 8.5/10 in the functioning department.

This Apple 1 will be auctioned by Boston-based RR Auction. The actual auction will take place at a WeWorks, 200 Portland Street, Boston, USA on Sept. 25th, at 1:00 p.m ET. The whole set will entail not only the Apple 1 board but will come along with manuals, keyboard, video monitor and more. 

So, are you collecting your coins but still a bit wary of splurging this amount? Fret not, the auction includes a whole lot of other less pricey options like – an original Apple-1 Operation Manual, two original Apple Cassette Interface manuals, a period surplus ASCII keyboard and a lot more.


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