HMD Global Acquires PureView Trademark

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HMD Global Acquires PureView Trademark

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HMD Global has now taken over the reins of PureView trademark from Microsoft. With its advent, nearly a decade ago, PureView was originally owned by Nokia. However, back in 2014,  it moved to Microsoft as a part of Nokia’s Devices and Services division deal. Public expectations are quite high with this recent acquisition. It is highly likely that the company might inject some new energy into the brand. Or probably revive the same technology of Lumia 1020 with a 41 MP camera.


It all started in January 2013! When The PureView brand entered the mobile phone market with the launch of the Nokia 808. It was first launched on a Symbian OS-based handset. However, it further expanded to Windows handsets like Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520.


PureView Trademark



Apparently, the trademark was originally filed in January 2012. HMD Global acquired its rights from Microsoft on August 23. Although, PureView now falls under the HMD Global umbrella, there is still some time to go before we might start any Android smartphones featuring the PureView brand.

The last Nokia phone with this camera technology was Lumia 950. But it was the Nokia 808  and the Lumia 1020 that made PureView emerge as a winner amidst tough competitors such as Samsung, Sony, and HTC.

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Pureview Expectations

Looking back at the track record of HMD Global, it is safe to say that they might try to add a little something from the original technology in the new package. After all, HMD Global does have a tendency to ignite the nostalgia of the legacy of Nokia developments including the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110 4Gl. The company could launch an Android-based Nokia 808 PureView or the great grand successor to the Nokia 1020. Having said that, we still cannot be sure of anything. We probably have to wait at least for some time to see what HMD Global has in store and how they can surprise the smartphone market.

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