Alleged First-Gen iPhone Prototype Hits eBay Auction

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Alleged First-Gen iPhone Prototype Hits eBay Auction

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Who doesn’t want to be a part of the Apple history? A history that got started with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in a run down basement. And then went on to become seemingly larger than life , “Apple Inc.” If you also want to embrace a piece of this history – then this might interest you.

Apple prototype is going up for an eBay auction! We keep hearing a lot about Apple prototype auctions, so what is so special about this one?  But we don’t often get to see iPhone prototypes. And this auction entails a prototype first-generation iPhone – that has already hit the $10,000 mark.

Apple’s first generation iPhone was introduced in the United States on June 29, 2007. It featured quad-band GSM cellular connectivity with GPRS and EDGE support for data transfer.

The seller of this prototype iPhone is a small account based out of Portland, Oregon. Although, the seller does’t make the origin of this device clear, but various markings and the operating system matching the other prototype first-generation iPhone units clearly justifies the claim.

Furthermore, the details claim that the prototype was hand made in Cupertino, Calif., in 2006, runs OS X which is why it weighs somewhere around 144.5 grams – much more than the norm of 135 grams.

The seller claims that this prototype is “the rarest of them all” owing to these differences between this prototype iPhone and a normal first-generation iPhone:

  • Rare Apple engineer sticker which says Ver 1.1.1
  • Running multiple testing software, including OS X and Earthbound (not the normal OS 1)
  • Used by Apple for testing to make the original iPhone
  • Circa 2006.  Before the original iPhone release date (mid 2007)
  • Different weight. Much heavier at 144.5 grams (normal iPhone 2g is 135 gram)
  • No FCC etchings at the back
  • Bell icon for the mute button
  • Complete different internals, including different battery, different wi-fi etc
  • Excellent investment
  • Early prototype
  • Hand made in Cupertino, California. (not mass produced in China like normal iPhones)
  • Secretly code named Project Purple (at this stage of development, the “iPhone” name was unknown)
  • EXTREMLY RARE.  Only a few are known to exist
  • Highly sought after


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Prototypes unit are not something you can get anytime and everywhere. As the time goes by, they are becoming exceedingly rare which commands people’s attention immediately. As I write this, the prototype sits at US $12,100.00 with the reserve not met yet. 


Is It Just A Hoax?

Another iPhone prototype auction on eBay raises some serious red flags. This seller is based in Edinburgh and just like the aforementioned listing, he also claims his iPhone to be a prototype unit. However, unlike the Portland listing, this product lacks a telltale description. Instead, it has a sticker on it which disseminates information about the product. The mute switch also lacks the bell icon seen on past prototypes.


Edinburgh eBay Auction


Comparatively, this UK based auction seems a bit dubious, though details from the Portland listing are also questionable. For example, the UK unit lacks hardware-specific details like radio band etchings, known to be present on past prototypes. Also, both the auctions feature a few similar images, like this one below:





Edinburgh Auction


Apart from this, both auctions read, “This is a genuine item. Please be aware of the many fakes on eBay. Those just normal iPhones with Apple Skankware (testing software) dumped on them.

If you are a collector of everything Apple, then you can try your luck on eBay before someone else snatches the product up. That said, you have to be a bit wary of falling prey to any scam. Such auctions may turn out genuine or maybe they are another hoax to plunk your money.



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