Tor Gets Its Official Mobile Browser For Android

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Tor Gets Its Official Mobile Browser For Android

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The Tor Project has now launched its first official mobile browser app on Android. It is a non-profit organisation behind the anonymous Tor browser that allows untraceable internet access. The users have two options to download the browser. They can either install the Tor Browser from Google Play Store or they can download the .APK file from the Tor Project Website itself. Tor, an acronym for “The Onion Router,” is especially popular amidst the Internet users who are often paranoid of being spied upon, or for those who need security and privacy.

To take advantage of the Tor browsing app on their Android devices, the users have to download Orbot, which is a proxy app. Both, Orbot and the Tor Browser work simultaneously to connect to the Tor network. Also, it’s worth noting that this is an alpha release. For its stable release, expected in 2019, Tor hopes to completely do away with the separate Orbot app. Orfox another browser that utilises the Tor network will be discontinued.

Tor Browser

Apart from offering anonymity, the new Android app isolates the website your visit to stop advertisers from tracking you. After the data breach imbroglios like the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal, some people may welcome Tor with open elation.

Although, Tor is touted as an antidote to censorship and a solace to journalists and dissidents. But other than subverting the censorship and privacy threats, the cloak of anonymity that Tor offers makes it attractive to criminals. Some transgressors may wield it as a tool for facilitating crimes on the internet.

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 Tor Browser for Android offers the following features:
  • Block Trackers – Tor Browser does not allow the third-party users or the advertisements to follow you. And the cookies are automatically cleared when you are done with your browsing.
  • Defend Against Surveillance – No one can watch your connections or the websites you visit.
  • Resist Fingerprinting – The goal behind this is to make all the users similar which negates the chances of being fingerprinted based on your browser and device information.
  • Multi-Layered Encryption – Tor browser will encrypt your traffic thrice before passing it on to the Tor network.
  • Browse Freely – With Tor Browser, you have an unrestricted access to the sites notwithstanding the fact that your local internet service provider may have blocked that site.
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