Huawei Throws Shade At The Latest iPhones In A Series Of Tweets

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Huawei Throws Shade At The Latest iPhones In A Series Of Tweets

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Apple recently unveiled a trio of iPhones at its special event in Cupertino, California. Following the Apple launch event,  Huawei seems to be mocking Apple in a series of tweets.

In another tweet, Huawei ‘thanked’ Apple for letting them be the real hero of the year’. China’s Huawei overtook Apple to become the world’s second biggest smartphone seller in June, this year. The company owes its success to its feature-packed, but middle-range, smartphones. A lot of people on twitter, however, are calling out the company on their cryptic tweets mocking the tech giant.

The ploy backfired when some people pointed out how the sardonic tweets are actually turning into a free promotion for Apple. People point out that Huawei should show know better than to mock the very company whose smartphones they emulate. Some even went as far as reminding the smartphone manufacturer of the recent ‘cheating on benchmarks’ imbroglio. Recently, after being caught cheating on benchmarks, Huawei’s flagship smartphones the P20 Pro and Nova 3 were delisted from some prominent benchmarking platforms like UL Benchmarks, Futuremark and 3DMark.

Apple has been at the receiving end of the jibes from Samsung as well. Rather than promoting its own products, this summer, even Samsung has adopted the strategy of badmouthing Apple for the furtherance of their flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9.

The Crackdown

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Notwithstanding the recent success, Huawei is somewhat confined to Chinese and other Asian territories. The Chinese brand is witnessing a crackdown from the U.S., Australia and other nations for their possible involvement in Chinese government spying.

The United States government has unanimously shut out Huawei from the country. However, the company insists that it is a private company and is not in cahoots with the Chinese Government, as implied. Some analysts expressed that focusing on Chinese market is not feasible for Huawei as the Chinese market is expected to weaken in the upcoming quarters.

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