Apple To Get Its OLED Displays From LG For iPhone XS, XS Max

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Apple To Get Its OLED Displays From LG For iPhone XS, XS Max

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It is not a mystery that Apple solely relies on Samsung Display, the display-making unit of Samsung Electronics, for OLED displays on its iPhone. However, the recent reports suggest that the tech giant is about to put a full stop on this complete dependence. The reports say that Apple may soon be using LG as a second supplier for its OLED panels.

Similar rumours were making rounds in June as well, saying Apple might turn to LG as an alternative supplier for OLED displays. Now, an unidentified source is claiming that Apple has given a nod to LG’s OLED panels after making them go through a quality check. Initially, Apple’s intention to deal with LG as a potential supplier came to be known in April. Reportedly, LG failed to meet Apple’s demands for OLED displays which led to the smartphone maker reconsidering the partnership.

Ever since Apple first embraced the use of OLED display for its flagship device iPhone X in 2017, Samsung has been its sole supplier. Samsung had also agreed to provide around 100 million OLED displays, allowing the South Korean tech giant to keep a tight reign on the pricing. Now if the deal with LG moves forward, Apple will be able to minimise this reliance.

LG’s Display OLED screens will possibly be used for the latest iPhone Xs and Xs Max. The cheaper iPhone Xr models will not reap the benefit accrued from the deal as they sport an LCD screen.

Expanding Its Foothold

Apple iPhone X LG OLED

With this recent deal, LG will probably be able to prove its mettle in the mobile OLED market. In the future, the South Korean tech giant might be able to partner with other smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo.

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This move will also help Apple to reduce the production cost of its iPhones that are equipped with OLED display. The iPhone X starts from Rs. 87,900 for the base variant, while the iPhone XS starts at Rs. 99,900 and the iPhone XS Max starts at Rs. 109,900.


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