Google Building A Separate Search Engine For China

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Google Building A Separate Search Engine For China

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It seems that after eight years, Google is eager to dabble into the Chinese market again. And the company is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to enter the world’s most populous country. To successfully carry out the controversial project called Project Dragonfly, Google is not even averse to toe the line with the Draconian censorship rules of Chinese government. However, this step has sparked widespread outrage amongst the employees. The company is not above limiting its worker’s access to the documents regarding the project to quell the tumult inside the company. An anonymous source revealed that the company is turning off everyone’s access to the documents regarding the project.

Eight years ago, Google withdrew its search engine from China due to censorship issues. However, despite outpouring condemnation, the tech giant  is again gearing up to launch a separate research engine for China. The project warrants that the certain search terms about topics like human rights, democracy, religion and peaceful protests must be blacklisted. It will also allow the Chinese government to alter information like weather and air pollution data.

In the wake of this project, more than 1,000 Google employees have signed a letter of protest. And a report suggested that outraged by the series of events, many high-ranked employees are also quitting their jobs. Recently, a senior research scientist at Google quit the company. He suggested that it is their ethical responsibility to resign in protest of the forfeiture of public human rights. Following this high-profile exit, seven more engineers have left the company in protest over Project Dragonfly.

Why Is Google So Eager To Return To China?
sundar pichai

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai

Eight years ago, it seemed that Google did the right thing by withdrawing their services from China because it didn’t bode well for freedom of expression and internet transparency. So, what is compelling the tech giant to take this step which is so antithetical to equity? For starters, it is possible that the current CEO Sundar Pichai envisions China in a different light as juxtaposed to the then CEO Sergey Brin. Secondly, by withdrawing from China, Google witnessed the loss of 722 million internet users. So, it is highly likely that the company is not willing to bear this loss anymore. And is now seeing the Chinese market with different lenses. However, these new lenses forsake altruism and embrace tyrannical methods of the Chinese government.


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