Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Come In 4 Variants, Including One 5G variant

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Come In 4 Variants, Including One 5G variant

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A recent leak suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S10 could get launched in four different variants. According to the rumours, one of the variant will be a 5G variant. This new revelation came after a website was trying to analyze the system apps of the Galaxy S9+ to see if they could find anything interesting about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. The reports suggest that the Galaxy S9+ Android Pie change log has configuration files, that entails some model details stored in the file name. The code names for each of the phones are ‘ssrm-beyond0’, ‘ssrm-beyond1’, ‘ssrm-beyond2’ and ‘ssrm-beyond25g’.

The code also suggests that one of the variant will be a 5G compliant model. The models are also referred to as “beyond 0”, “beyond 1”, “beyond 2” and “beyond 2 5G”. Beyond 0 is possibly the entry-level variant and beyond 1 will probably be the standard S10 model. Whereas beyond 2 could be the S10+ model. The ‘q’ in the code also hints at Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. It is worthy to note that Samsung is supposedly not using its own Exynos chipset this time. But Samsung might release both the variants, that is with Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC as well as Exynos chipset, to cater to different regions.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Speculated Launch

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to get released by mid-2019 during the ten year anniversary of its Galaxy S flagship series. Recently, Samsung CEO revealed that the design changes to the Galaxy S10 will be “very significant”. Some other rumours suggested that the upcoming Samsung flagship will be launching in February 2019.

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