Google To Discontinue Voice Unlock Feature In Android

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Google To Discontinue Voice Unlock Feature In Android

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Google provides Android users with various ways to unlock their phones. One such feature is Voice Unlock. This allows the user to unlock their Android device by interacting with the Google Assistant. A recent APK teardown performed by 9to5google indicated that the voice unlock option is slowly being depreciated. This was first noticed on the Google Pixel 3. This feature has been around for a while now. It learns the user’s voiceprint and unlocks the device without requiring a password. The user could simply talk to the Google Assistant and ask it to perform an operation while bypassing the lockscreen. Google warns that unlocking the device with voice match is less secure. A person with a similar voice or a recording of the authorised person’s voice could potentially gain full access of the device.

Future of Voice Unlock

Starting on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, Google replaced the feature with “Lock Screen Personal Results”. This would ultimately go on to replace voice match. Once authenticated, Voice match would now only show e-mail, calendar and contacts through the Assistant interface. Any other action would require the user to unlock their phone. The Google Assistant will also show a lock icon on top to reflect the state of the device.

An APK insight of the Google app 8.39 reveals an “updated voice match” prompt referencing to its replacement and that “Lock screen personal results” will be more secure going forward. The feature will take effect in future via a software update.

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Android users will benefit from this update as it will provide more security. They can read through the important calendar dates and e-mails without the risk of keeping their device unlocked. Also, other people with a similar sounding voice would not be able to unlock the phone.

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