WhatsApp To Display Ads In Status Section

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WhatsApp To Display Ads In Status Section

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Advertising has taken over most online entertainment and social media platforms. These ads are especially annoying when you are watching a video and it pops up in between. Ads like this have taken over Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat to name a few platforms. These ads are also a primary source of income for some businesses. Popular online websites sell space on their websites to advertisers. This trend is spreading over the internet like wildfire. Even WhatsApp will now start displaying ads in its status section.

WhatsApp Vice President, Chris Daniels has confirmed that the instant messaging app will start placing Snapchat-like ads in the status section.“We are going to be putting ads in ‘Status’. That is going to be primary monetisation mode for the company as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp”, he said.

Advertising On WhatsApp

WhatsApp launched the status feature early last year, which is similar to the stories found on Snapchat and Instagram. Status has become popular ever since and has also surpassed Snapchat usage. The feature allows the user to add text, photos and videos to their profile. These last for 24 hours and are only visible to people in the user’s contacts.

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Since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, there have been rumours of Facebook exploring advertising based revenue models for WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the date for WhatsApp ads has not been announced yet. Some reports claim that they’ll be live early next year. A platform that was promised to be free of Ads will now start displaying them to increase revenue. WhatsApp Founders have also expressed their disappointments regarding the same.

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