Sony Files Patent For A New Gaming Controller With A Touch Screen

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Sony Files Patent For A New Gaming Controller With A Touch Screen

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Sony Interactive Entertainment have filed a patent that hints at a new PlayStation controller. The patent is filed to the United States Patent Office. It contains a lot of information about the technology that Sony is going after. The patent filling for this gaming controller is very technical. It states that Sony could be potentially replacing the DualShock 4’s touch pad with a full-fledge touchscreen.

Will The Touch-Screen Make Any Difference?

Sony has experimented with interactive devices in the past. The light bar on DualShock 4 is a recent example. The light bar on the DualShock 4 helps the PlayStation recognise the device’s orientation. Additional sensors are also able to track the controller with it. It also changes it’s colour to react to whatever is going on in the game at that time. A touch screen on the controller could provide even more opportunities. Although, till now most game haven’t been able to use the touch pad to its full potential.

Most games only use the touch pad as a pause button or to open the in-game menu. Infamous: Second Son was one game to feature the use of the touch bar on the controller. Players can swipe on the touch pad to perform different actions in-game. The game also made use of the controller’s light bar to perform in-game actions. With the implementation of a touch screen on the controller, things might get even better for gamers and developers.

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The touch screen could display stats, directions, mini-maps and more. It could act as a secondary screen to the main game. A touch screen could also be used to navigate through the PlayStation with greater ease. The possibilities of this could be endless. However, there is no information as to when Sony will start working on this. Rumours also state that this could be the controller for the next-generation PlayStation.

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