The Original Doom Trilogy Is Now Available On PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Android And iOS

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The Original Doom Trilogy Is Now Available On PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Android And iOS

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One of the gaming worlds most popular video game genre is first-person shooters. Games such as Call of Duty, Halo, CS: GO and much more follow this genre and are one of the most recognizable names in the industry. In a first-person game, the player is thrust into the shoes of the protagonist and sees the world through their eyes. Now, Doom, one of the progenitors of the popular genre sees a revival of its original trilogy with a platform-wide port to Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Quakecon 2019 saw the arrival of multiple big announcements from the event. One of which is that the first three Doom games will be made compatible on every major console platform alongside PC. Notably, the first two titles will also be available on iOS and Android devices as well. It is big news considering one of the forerunners of the most popular game formula will be resold again. It is in part a great homage to the games that helped forge the backbone of the gaming industry as we know and love today.


Furthermore, Bethesda, the game studio behind the legendary title, has also announced the inclusion of more games into Sony’s PlayStation (PS) Now service. PS Now is an online game streaming service and will now feature the remade Doom 2016 edition along with Wolfenstein: The New Order and Fallout 4. The latter two in comparison are relatively new and feature updated graphics modern graphics over the original iterations.


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The first two entries in the series, Doom and Doom II will carry a price tag of $5 each (approx. Rs. 350). Doom III will be sold for $10 (approx. Rs 700). The announcement will revive the ancient games and their fan following. The Doom trilogy will be optimized for current-gen PCs, consoles and excitingly enough, smartphones. For more information regarding gaming stay tuned to iGyaan.

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