Thermal Imaging is Finally Available For Your iPhone With FLIR ONE

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Thermal Imaging is Finally Available For Your iPhone With FLIR ONE

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Remember watching the Predator and thinking how cool it would be to see the world around you in thermal imaging? Though the technology has been around for quite a while and has been proactively used by militaries around the world. And we know consumer versions have been out for the benefit of campers and hikers, but nothing can come close to what FLIR ONE claims to offer.

FLIR ONE lets you use your iPhone as a thermal imaging camera. All you need to do is get the FLIR ONE case and the companion app and you are good to go do some predating. The FLIR ONE case itself comes with a thermal imaging camera which slides on behind the iPhone. The case is good to look at and bulks up your phone by just 110 grams and also makes the phone look good.


The case brings thermal imaging right on your phone

The technology can come handy in day to day use too and is not just limited for the outdoorsy folks. It can help people living in cold areas to find thermal leaks and make their heating more efficient. It will make it a lot easier to find your lost pet at night;  it might make you feel a predator looking for its prey. It can also be used for driving on a foggy or rainy day.

FLIR ONE also has options for time lapse capture, paint and panorama functions. Apple might bring the time lapse feature with the iOS 8 update which might challenge the developers of this app to compete with Apple’s official offerings.

FLIR ONE will be available on Apple Stores and online retail portal in August. The pre-orders on the website will begin tomorrow. The case comes in Space Gray and will come with silver or gold versions later. It costs $349.99 and at this price only the serious enthusiasts will give it a try. Android users may have to wait for a while before they have an thermal imaging case, but maybe soon the technology might arrive pre-built into the future mobile phones.

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