Top 5 Tech Trends to Expect at IFA Berlin 2014

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Top 5 Tech Trends to Expect at IFA Berlin 2014

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The big day for consumer electronics is here. The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) begins today and like all of you, we’ve also been eagerly waiting for the arrival of this day. IFA, along with CES and MWC, are the places for consumer electronic companies, consumer and enthusiasts to come together and gaze at the future of technology.

This year at IFA, many major brands are expected to exhibit their latest innovations. A lot of much-awaited devices will be unveiled for the public at this event and this will also put an end to the immense speculations about these devices. So we decided to give you an idea of the general theme of this year’s event and what can you expect out:

1. Smartwatches, and lots of ’em


Wearable technology has been touted by the industry leaders as the next big thing. Unfortunately, the sales haven’t matched up to the expectations. This has been mostly because of the high prices and limited functionality of the devices that are presently available in the market. But the point to remember is that every new technology has gone through these growing pains and so will this segment. Most of the big brands will be vying for consumer attention. We have talked in lengths about the major releases such as the Samsung Gear S, the LG G Watch R and of course the long due Moto 360. Apart from these, Sony is also expected to bring out the Smartwatch 3 along with the Z3 and the Z3 compact tablet. Motorola has a lot riding on this release as it has teased its device for quite a while, and LG’s G Watch R can easily steal its thunder. Motorola still has user loyalty on their side as they brought their consumers some amazing devices last year.

2. Health Wearables


This year will have a special focus on health-based wearables. These sensor-laden wearables are capable of measuring all the essential data you need to monitor your well-being. Some of these devices will also collect data on sleep patterns of the user. Giving independence to the wearables from phones will also be tried out with these devices. Companies want to disconnect the wearables from the smartphones so that they can be completely functional, independently. Some devices will also focus on telemedical applications that will help in providing healthcare to folks who can’t make regular trips to the clinic.

3. Smartphones at their Peak

Wooden Moto 1

Yes, the smartphone in its short lifespan seems to have accomplished the highest levels of specifications that could be incorporated in a pocket-sized device. With the release of the all-round package called LG G3 that brought top of the line features, experts have been saying that the innovation will slowly plateau in the field. So it will be the responsibility of the smartphone brands to prove that the segment is still alive and has a hunger for innovation. Samsung will flex out its big gun, the Note 4, at a pre-IFA event after which it will be open for observation. Samsung has the responsibility to engage the consumer back to its products as the brand has lost some sheen recently. Motorola will also bring the next generation of their phenomenally successful Moto X and G. LG will also bring the LG G3 Prime, which will come with a more powerful Snapdragon 805 processor.

This will, of course, be the most inviting sections of the exhibit.

4. Home Automation


Yes, the internet of things is still a few years from becoming a reality but we have devices available in the market that will give a feel of what that world will be like. The connected home is an idea that will help to bring the house in line with the fast paced lifestyle that we are living now. This year will be about connecting the appliances, with a special focus on the kitchen. There will be lots of smart pots, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, coffee makers and toasters for the folks to check out.

An interconnected home will also be economical in the long run as it will assist you in efficiently managing the energy usage in the house. With the power of smartphones, an entire house can be controlled. Also, the focus will be to provide access to the home network even if you are not physically present in the house. This section needs to be checked out as the solutions provided could be installed in your house in the near approaching future.

5. Smart and Curvy TVs


The good old idiot boxes have gotten a lot “smarter” and is expected to get a lot better this year. This year might see an explosion of curved displays. These displays offer an extra depth to the users and give a cinema-scope experience in viewing. They have good viewing angles so the curve won’t disappoint during group viewings. One prototype that cannot be missed is the flat display which can be curved and vice versa. By just a click on the remote you can get the desired viewing experience from your TV. How cool is that!

Having breached the 4K resolution mark, the TV’s this year are expected to get them in consumer’s wallets, as last year these displays were huge, size and price wise. There will also be talks about the production and distribution of content for these high definition displays as there is a serious shortage in that department. One more complaint with the Smart TV has been that the TV’s demand a higher learning curve, so this year companies will present simplified options. LG has already showcased their WebOS, which was impressive and easy to learn. TV’s running the Android operating systems are also expected to make an appearance at the event.

Overall, there is a lot to look forward to this year at IFA, and we’ll keep you updated as things happen. Keep checking for updates.

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