10 Things That Would Be Different if Mobile Phones Never Became Smart

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10 Things That Would Be Different if Mobile Phones Never Became Smart

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Mobile phones have become an extended appendage to our bodies. Today though, with the stable establishment of the Smartphone, our lifestyle and etiquette has entirely changed. We embraced this change of modernity without much resistance, although it doesn’t hurt to wonder what it would have been like otherwise.

The Word ‘Selfie’ Would Not Be a Part of the Dictionary

The still trending culture of the ‘selfie‘ would be non-existent and one would have to learn how to perfect the art of holding one’s digital camera awkwardly. It helps that the new smartphones now come with a good front camera with up to 8MP HD clarity.

selfie tech crunch

We Would be Rolling Down Our Car Window to Ask for Directions

 Shopkeepers and road signs or even a REAL map would show us the way instead of the GPS or Google Map.


Image Source: Raising Gentlemen

Our Pictures Would Have #NoFilter 

Instagram has nothing less than a cult following since its introduction. The App allows people to publish their photographs and has by far, the most aesthetic editing options that any photo editing app could offer. Although saying that it revolutionized picture quality and the art of photography would be going too far.

Source : Emarketing Blog

Source : Emarketing Blog

No Video Chats On-the-Go

At one point Skype was the only means to video chat across the world. It seemed like a revolutionary idea until the advent of the smartphone and along with it multiple video chatting apps such as FaceTime, Viber etc.

Skype Screenshot

Remember SMS?

Two of the most popular apps for informal communication have changed the world of text messaging. Now we barely ever fill up our texting balance because we would rather use the Wi-fi to text, call, send jpeg images, voice notes etc.

Source : Mashable

Source : Mashable

We’d Still be Buying Cookbooks, Dictionaries, and Books in General

 With the introduction of reading apps like Kindle, Aldiko Book Reader, Cool Reader etc. we have almost stopped opening Dictionaries, Cook Books and buying special edition magazines and novels. The reading app has become so much a part of our culture that Sunday morning Church services also involve the congregation taking out their mobile phones instead of The Bible. The mantra being, ‘less is more’.


Downloading and Storing Music

Today music enthusiasts don’t need to go to Music Stores in order to buy their favourite albums. In fact they don’t even need to buy an MP3 player or even the life changing iPod. All one needs to do is own a smartphone with apps such as SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify etc and you have it all in tow.

We should also be thankful that we’re no longer downloading music (along with a hundred viruses) from Limewire or Bearshare.


Candy Crush and Angry Birds Probably Wouldn’t Exist

Long ago in the 90s, if we wanted to play computer games we would have to go to the gaming parlours to experience the ultimate fun of gaming. Even when the feature Nokia mobile phone arrived the only game they had was called Snakes and it was joyous!

candy crush

Arguments Wouldn’t Be Resolved Until Someone Located a PC/Laptop

Initially internet access would only be available to computer users and those who did not own one would have to visit Cyber Cafes. The feature phone too did not have a Wifi or data connection option and therefore the Cyber Cafés and computer business thrived. But with the coming of the smartphone and all its internet options most people now choose to buy a smartphone which has all the functions of a laptop or PC and have internet access on the go.

Without our smartphones, everytime anyone got into an argument, it wouldn’t be resolved till someone located a PC/Laptop.

wifi on android

To-Do Lists

The emergence of reminder apps have alone perhaps dropped the sales of efficient and creative stationary like sticky notes, labels, notebook fridge magnets etc.

sticky post it

In conclusion, a world without the smartphone would still be beautiful but perhaps won’t be able to keep up with the notoriously infamous ‘fast-paced modern’ lifestyle.

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