Panasonic Adds Two 4K TVs To Its Viera HD TV Range

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Panasonic Adds Two 4K TVs To Its Viera HD TV Range

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Panasonic has added 5 models to its Viera HD TV range today. There are two new series, namely, the CX700 series of 4K Ultra high-definition 3D TVs and the XXL series. The former will be come in two display sizes, 55, and 60-inch sizes, respectively while, the later will also come in two variants, a 50 and 60-inch wide screen.

“4K technology is the most advanced for Ultra HD TV, delivering sharper and more vivid images than ever before” says Neeraj Bahl, Associate Director, AVD Sales, Panasonic India.

The CX700 series is supported by various apps and devices that run on the internal quad-core processor. The display features an LED Super Bright Plus screen that portrays images illustrated by Panasonic’s HEXA Chroma colour drive. It also has an 800Hz intelligent frame creation feature to capture fast-motion shots clearly.

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On the other hand, the XXL full HD range, caters to a person to has a sharp ear for sound, by offering a Dolby Digital Audio with an LED screen that also supports an internal multimedia player across HDMI, USB and PC inputs.

The two new series come with screen mirroring technology, that enables it to connect between Android devices. It can also be controlled by a wireless remote app and through voice interaction technology, along with a light-sensitive LED backlight.

They are both powered by the Firefox operating system and has predictive content preference features such as Home Screen 2.0 and Info Frame. Last but not the least, you can stream web music on it, as well as video and live broadcasts, as it offers a compatibility with apps such as YouTube and Vimeo.

The availability and the price of these products are currently unavailable. However, we will bring you the updates soon enough.


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