Google I/O: Google Home and Assistant Launched

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Google I/O: Google Home and Assistant Launched

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Google at Google I/O started today has launched the Google Assistant, merging many Google technologies, including “Okay Google”.

Sundar Pichai showed off the assistant at the Google I/O, with real-time results and a conversationalist response system. The idea is to help in follow up question and to do tasks that you have wanted your virtual assistants to do.

google home 4

The assistant will work across devices and Google strengths, at home, at work or in the car. A device called Google Home will work as a home management system. The unit will be launched later this year with the customizable bottom. It has a wireless speaker, but it does a lot more than that, as it contains the Google Assistant inbuilt.

It will do basics, like set alarms, make lists and reminders, but will also control various home network devices, like Nest Equipment, lights etc.

google home 3

Later on you will be able to order groceries or flowers, or even have the living room ready before you reach home, with the right music, lighting, and temprature along with your home delivery food order.

Mixed up with the Google Assistant, serches will allow follow up questions and a single one line conversation with a more natural reply. “Skynet” Anyone?

google home 2

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