Samsung Gear IconX Review : Good Wireless Earphones

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Samsung Gear IconX Review : Good Wireless Earphones

But they need more battery !


Model / Variant

Gear Icon X


Rs 13499


Earbud: 18.9 x 26.4 x 26.0 mm
Case: 35.3 x 30.3 x 92 mm


Splash Resistant (P2i Nano Coating)



Memory Storage

4 GB
Available 3.5 GB


Earbuds: 47mAh
Case: 315mAh


HR Sensor
Capacitive Touch
2 Microphone per earbud

Other Features

Sound :
Frequency Range: 20~20 kHz
Speaker Sensitivity: 89.5 dB ± 3 dB / 1mW
Speaker Impedance: 16 ohm

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Samsung Gear IconX is the first wireless set of earphones, offering true cord free experience from a big company. But, are they really worth the big price tag, or should you consider something more affordable.

Design and Build

The Gear IconX is built really well, with a good quality outer casing. The earphones offer up splash and dust resistant P2i Nano coating despite having a fairly wide feature set. They should withstand your sweat incase you decide to use these for your active life or sports.

The included wing tips and in ear plugs come in a total of 4 different sizes for a perfect fit and are extremely easy to switch.

The carry case also has a rubberized coating on the outside and is built to survive several drops, and it does not pop open incase you do drop it.



The Samsung Gear IconX comes with 4GB of inbuilt storage, which can come in handy if you decide to get some music without your phone. Connectivity with your smartphone is via Bluetooth 4.1 (BLE). The Gear IconX also track your fitness via the inbuilt HR sensor and an Accelerometer. The capacitive touch input on both earphones allow for handling and navigating through your music handling calls and listening to the contextual menus.

The Gear IconX come with 2 microphones per earbud, for noise cancellation and audio for phone calls. The Frequency Range is 20~20 kHz, with a Speaker Sensitivity of 89.5 dB ± 3 dB / 1mW and a Speaker Impedance: 16 ohm.

Each earbud has a inbuilt 47 mAh while the outer carrying case has a 315 mAh.


Performance and Audio

When you setup your Gear IconX with your phone, the audio is usually set to 50% which is optimised to get you a good battery life.

Audio performance is excellent, while music volumes can be extremely high. Low range and Mids are handled extremely well and audio profiles can be customised using the Gear app on your Android phone.

You can also use a single earbud as a regular bluetooth earpiece incase you like to keep it old school and answer your calls like that.

If you go for your run or go about your fitness routine without your phone, the earphones will still track your health info and heartbeat and then sync up with your phone later.

As wireless earphones they have excellent range and sound and thanks to the snug fit the outside noise is easily cut. The ability to long press and listen to ambient sound means you don’t need to constantly pull the earphones out of your ear.

Battery Life

The biggest downfall of the Gear IconX has to be the battery life, if you increase the volume from the default while connected to your phone, you will need to charge the IconX every 60-75 minutes. Which if you are used to listening to music for long periods is a definite negative.

The carry case will charge both your earbuds a total of three extra times. However, if you leave your earphones in the case they will be charged constantly basically draining the battery of the earphones and the case as well. Which means leaving your earphones overnight will kill them, making them impossible to travel with.



The Samsung Gear IconX is the best direction towards a truly wireless music experience, and seems like a better setup than what is expected from the Apple AirPods. However with a 5 hour battery the AirPods have the definite advantage. The Gear IconX will work with iPhones and Windows Phones too if you have those, however, you will get basic bluetooth connectivity and not deep controls and customizations which can be had on Android phones via the Gear App.

The battery life however is a step backwards, and it seems that Samsung rushed into these too early without figuring out real usage scenarios. The poor batteries make it difficult to use these daily, or ever! The battery life is also unwarranted considering the heavy price tag on these.

This is the right approach, however, it’s pre-mature and the battery life is unacceptable, sound quality and volumes are great. The earphones are extremely light and fit well in your ear. The fitness features are also a great add-on.




The Good

Great Design
Well Built
Snug Fit
Awesome Sound

The Bad

Poor Battery Life

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Build Quality
Design and Aesthetics
Audio and Multimedia
Battery Life

If you don't listen to music for a long time, longer than an hour, Then these earphones are extremely comfortable and sound great

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