OnePlus Adds iPhone X-Like Gestures In Latest Beta Build

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OnePlus Adds iPhone X-Like Gestures In Latest Beta Build

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OnePlus has started rolling out a new beta update to all the testers of the OnePlus 5T. The Oxygen OS Open Beta 3 arrives a couple of weeks after the previous update started seeding. The new update, however, will be noted for two noticeable changes. The first one is the removal of the controversial Clipboard app. The other one is the entry of gesture support.


The Clipboard app was introduced in the previous Beta build that started seeding on the 16th of January. It was reported on the OnePlus forums by a user named v1nc. The user found this out by accident when NetGuard blocked the Clipboard app from accessing the network. Clipboard app basically stores all the copy-pasted data on your phone. Further investigation revealed that the app was trying to ping a server that was an Alibaba owned property.

Although OnePlus came out and quashed these reports, it has now removed the app from the latest beta build.

The other notable change is the addition of iPhone X-like gestures for navigation. Users now have the option of disabling on-screen navigation buttons. Once disabled, users have to use gestures to navigate through the UI. The gestures are not exactly like the ones found on the iPhone X but, are somewhat similar.


Homebar On The iPhone X

Another change is in the incoming call screen. Users can now choose to slide up or down to answer or ignore an incoming call. Here is a list of all the new changes:


The introduction of gestures is an interesting move by OnePlus. With smartphones moving to an all-screen design, wasting that little space on navigation buttons seem counterproductive. Although traditionally, Android OS has had navigation buttons, a slow introduction of gestures can go a long way in helping consumers get acclimatised with the new way of navigation.

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