Google Has Made It Harder To Steal Images From Google Images

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Google Has Made It Harder To Steal Images From Google Images

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Google has updated its Google Image search which might have huge repercussions. The company took to Twitter to announce that it has removed the “view image” button from image search. Therefore, the company has made it difficult for people to save copyrighted images directly. The update might seem small but, it is a huge change in the grand scheme of things.

What Has Changed?

The company has essentially eliminated the “view image” button. This button was once the direct link to a high-resolution version of the image. This was a huge concern for photographers, publishers and stock image sites for obvious reasons. As this button essentially allowed users to access the original version of the image without visiting the source site.

Now, users will be able to visit the source site “visit” button. This means that in order to steal an image, the user will have to go to a source site which means an additional step. The timing of the move is worth noting here. In early-February, Getty Images announced a licensing partnership with Google.


Back in 2016, Getty Images filed a complaint against Google. It accused the company of anti-competitive practices within Google Images. It said that Google was “distorting search results in favour of its own services.” Therefore, users did not have an incentive to visit source stock websites likes Getty to download the original image.

Getting rid of the “view” button is definitely a significant move. However, whether this will curb copyright infringement or not is yet to be seen.

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