LG G7 To Have An LCD Display

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LG G7 To Have An LCD Display

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LG has postponed the launch of the LG G7 (tentatively named) to improvise the design of the smartphone. LG’s smartphone business has been dwindling for quite some time now and its flagship devices have not performed to their expectations. The company will now launch its flagship phones as and when it deems fit, instead of following a launch pattern.

The LG G7 was expected to be launched at MWC 2018. But, it was only showcased behind closed doors at the event. The LG G7 is expected to do what a lot of Android smartphones have done lately. It will follow the iPhone X path and have a notch at the top of the display. Now, a new report has claimed that the company will; revert to an IPS LCD display for the G7 instead of continuing with the p-OLED panel found on the LG V30.

Choosing an LCD display over an OLED might be an important move by the company in the grand scheme of things. But, the presence of a notch would mean that this decision might not get the importance it deserves. OLED panels look much better than LCD and only a 120Hz display will justify this decision. However, from the financial point of view, this choice makes sense as OLED displays cost three times the cost of an LCD display. The LG G6 came with an LCD display and the company switched to P-OLED display for the LV V30+. This means the company might reserve the OLED display for the V series smartphones.

LG G7 Specs

The LG G7 is expected to have a 6 inch LCD display with a 2880 x 1440 px resolution. Until Corning comes up with Gorilla Glass 6, we expect most flagship smartphones to have the Gorilla Glass 5 on top.


Under the hood, the G7 will have the Snapdragon 845 chipset. One of the primary issues with the LG G6 was its older chipset. By no means was the Snapdragon 821 a bad chipset but, the Galaxy S8 with the Snapdragon 835 made the G6 look archaic. However, that won’t happen this time around as Samsung no longer has exclusive access to the new chipset.

Features like water resistance, wireless charging and fast charging are expected to be retained. The dual-camera setup on the back will be placed vertically, this time around. The implementation is expected to be the same as the G6 and V30. A regular lens coupled with a wide-angle lens. This is also something that has been appreciated by many LG users.

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