Amazon Alexa Servers Crash Due To Heavy Traffic

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Amazon Alexa Servers Crash Due To Heavy Traffic

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Amazon’s smart voice assistant Alexa is one of the fastest growing, if not the fastest personal assistant out there. Amazon has included Alexa in multiple smart speakers made by the company itself and it is now expanding the reach of the assistant to home appliances and even cars. Alexa’s portfolio and scope are ever-growing. In fact, Amazon reported that Alexa enabled devices were among the best-selling products on Amazon, this holiday season. What’s more, Christmas day turned out to be even more surprising for Alexa enabled devices throughout Europe. With a sea of new Alexa devices being bought and set up, the servers just couldn’t hold it anymore. 

The servers went down as they couldn’t handle all the thousands of new Alexa devices being setup at the same time. The apparent Alexa outrage began around 10 AM GMT. With users complaining that they were not able to use their devices. Even for regular tasks such as paying music or using smart home controls. The shortage lasted for a few hours. Amazon was quick to get the servers back online and the devices working again. Another interesting bit of information is the fact that the number of voice activated orders placed this year was far greater, almost 3 times more than the number of orders placed last year.

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The Future

Other than this, Alexa was also summoned ‘hundreds of thousands of times’ to help with cocktail recipes and many other such holiday essentials. But what does all of this mean? The number of Alexa products reflects more about the dependance on smart home assistants, rather than just the sales figures. With growing features, the assistant is no longer restricted to a few devices. And has spread to almost every part of our homes. With the advancement of AI, some of them especially to aid smart assistants, what waits for us is an interesting and exciting future. Where the possibilities of using smart assistants will be endless.

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