Samsung Patents Smart Mirror TV, A Mirror & Television As One

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Samsung Patents Smart Mirror TV, A Mirror & Television As One

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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 saw a lot of smart mirrors being unveiled. Smart mirrors are basically mirrors which have built-in assistants to receive voice commands. Some touchscreen mirrors can also display apps on the screen with extended functionalities, for instance, a smart speaker. It looks like Samsung is also targeting the same market, as it recently published a design patent. The patent clearly indicates that Samsung is working on a smart mirror. However, not taking the conventional approach, Samsung’s newly patented idea shows a TV that can convert into a smart mirror.

We have seen Samsung Smart TVs making their mark in the market. Samsung even designed a lifestyle television called “The Frame” which could be used as an art frame when the TV wasn’t being used. Samsung can use the same concept with the Smart Mirror with some tweaks. 

The Patent And Design

The patent was filed in the US with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Shortly afterward, the patent was registered with the Global Design Database of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The patent was actually filed on October 16, 2018. According to the design patent, the Samsung Mirror TV will have a square design with rounded corners. The screen edges look to be almost non-existent, indicating that the device can be illuminated from all sides. The rear of the Mirror TV had space for all the connections and the power supply.


The Mirror TV is supposed to have two different states. In the first state, you can use the device as a television, whereas, in the second state, you can use the device as a mirror. A similar principle was used with Samsung’s “The Frame”. It still isn’t clear how a square television can take the place of the conventional rectangular television, but all we can do is wait for an official launch in the distant future. As per the images included in the patent, it’s possible that you can display the contents of your smartphone directly on the TV. The device is also expected to have touchscreen enabled on the Mirror TV, in addition to Samsung’s very own voice assistant, Bixby.

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Samsung’s Mirror TV design will probably take a lot of time to implement, but once it does, Samsung will have one of the best TV models portfolio in the market.

You can view the patent for the Samsung smart Mirror TV here


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