Apple Is Working On A MacBook With Touchscreen Keyboard

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Apple Is Working On A MacBook With Touchscreen Keyboard

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Multi national tech companies including Apple and Google register a variety of promising developments in the form of patents each year. A large number of such patents do not turn in to real life consumer ready products. But, they do provide the valuable insight which can be used to determine in what direction a particular product or a company is headed towards. Apple MacBook With Dual Display

According to a freshly granted patent, the Cupertino based electronics giant, Apple is working on a MacBook with two displays. The patent exhibits a notebook computer without a physical keyboard and trackpad, rather it features a secondary touch screen which can be used to operate the machine. Even though there is hardly any information available about the device, this technologys holds the potential to open a new world of possibilities. A couple of benefits of that such a MacBook can bring to the table include:

  • Slimmer Device: The presence of a conventional keyboard restrains OEMs from reducing the thickness of a laptop beyond a certain point. On the other hand, a touch screen is much thinner and therefore Apple can take advantage of the technology to further reduce the thickness of future MacBook notebooks.
  • Longetivity: A mechanical keyboard on a MacBook or any other laptop has a tendency to fail over time if dust particles get accumulated in it. Inversely, such a scenario would not occur with a touch screen display due to absence of any openings or gaps. Nevertheless, a touchscreen is a much more sensitive component. Hence the users need to keep caution not to damage it with accessories like ornaments or a wrist watch.
  • Better Water Resistance: In case of an accident, the liquid can easily seep into the main body of the MacBook which can destroy essential component like a motherboard. Having no gaps in the keyboard would allow the device fair much better in case liquid spillage does happen.
  • Longer Battery Life: The free space that has been created due to the removal of a keyboard and trackpad can be utilised to equip the MacBook with a larger battery pack.
  • Much Versatile Selection Of Accesories and Controls: Due to the touchscreen display’s capability to continuously change the images that are currently being displayed, different applications can show only the necessary controls for that app. This will in turn boost productivity. Besides, existing accesories like the Apple Pencil can be used to add several other functionalities to a MacBook.

Even though the patent seems like a farfetched idea, it has a plausibility to turn into a real life device. As observed with the TouchBar on existing MacBooks, Apple has already prooved that such technology can be implemented. Furthermore, Chinese tech firm, Lenovo had previously showcased a notebook computer with dual displays which seemed quite usable. Noteworthy, touchscreens are much expensive than conventional keyboard and mouse, hence, this new addition can bump up the price of such a device significantly.

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To sum it up, Apple has the technological prowess to fabricate such a MacBook. Given that it chooses this route for its future notebook computers, it would only be a matter of time and perseverance till all the complications are unraveled and this thing turns into reality. 

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