Facebook improves image compression to allow larger images (PR)

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Facebook improves image compression to allow larger images (PR)

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The website that started massive image uploading has now given its image service yet another makeover. The new Facebook Image management will be a new tool for thumbing through galleries across the site, presenting photos in a new square format with the option to “highlight” certain shots to increase their footprint on the page.

The new system is yet to go live, But, Facebook has already made the announcement so expect it soon.

Today we’re announcing improvements to the photos section that make viewing photos more enjoyable.


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See bigger photos


Now when you click Photos at the top of your timeline, you’ll see larger pictures that fill up the page. You can use the menu to find shots you’re tagged in, pictures you’ve shared and albums you’ve created. 


A More Beautiful View of Photos

Showcase photos you like


With your Facebook photos all in one section, it’s simple to show friends your favorites. Click the star button to make important photos stand out.

A More Beautiful View of Photos


We’ll continue to improve the experience and then begin rolling out globally. To learn more about the tools you can use to make your photos look better, visit the Help Center.



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