Facebook Planning 15-Second Ads For Your News Feed

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Facebook Planning 15-Second Ads For Your News Feed

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Facebook plans to introduce 15-second television-style ads to its Newsfeed, opening the door to a potentially crazy-lucrative new advertising option. Bloomberg reports that Facebook will sell the ad space for up to $2.5 million a commercial, and that commercial spots will initially run for a full day. The commercials will be targeted, so advertisers will run ads specific to age and gender.

The social network currently allows advertisers to upload videos to their Facebook page and then broadcast them to a user’s news feed. The new service would let marketers buy their way directly into a person’s feed with a 15-second pitch, according to Bloomberg.

As TheNextWeb reports, assuming the $2.5 million per day price is accurate, the new ads would create an immediate boost for Facebook’s bottom line. Considering that the company brought in $1.81 billion in revenue during the second quarter of 2013, a quarter worth of commercials at the highest price could hypothetically drive over 12 percent growth by adding as much as $225 million in revenue.

With Facebook’s incredible dominance of global social networking and the sheer influence of the site on many users’ daily lives, it begs the question – where could unhappy users even migrate to, without losing so many digital connections, photos, and the ability to instantly keep in touch with just about everyone they know? 


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