Magnetic Messaging, The Next NFC?

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Magnetic Messaging, The Next NFC?

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Near Field Communication (NFC) got a lot of people excited, especially the ones working in the commerce field. It’s a great technology with lots of uses. Phones can make the wallet obsolete using this technology. Though, our phones can’t carry condoms and paper soaps so we will hang on to our wallets for a while. Now Magnetic communication which is still in the rudimentry phase will try to usurp NFC’s claim to wallets throne.

A group of scientists at the University of Oulu in Finland are experimenting with the prospects of using the magnetometer in the phone to send data. Magnetometers are used in smartphones for Compass apps. Using a system called Pulse, the researchers were able to send magnetically encoded data at a distance of 2 centimeters at 40bits/sec.

The researchers uploaded a video which showed their technique working on an Android phone. They were able to send textual data as well as a MIDI track over their connection. This technique will be great for confidential message transfers as it cannot be intercepted from a distance.

The data speed and distance might appear slow but that works in favor of the device. An NFC sensor works at a distance of 12 centimeters so if it can be wiped off in the line by malicious interests. Mobile payments can be much more secure with reduced proximity. They state that this can also be used in advertising. By having a tiny electromagnet on a street poster, advertisers can connect with consumers more interactively. Unlike a QR code, an electromagnetic transmitter will have the ability to have their data renewed.

There are several new studies going on around the world to get the best possible use of the components in the smartphones like the Barometer, Hall Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Finger Print Sensor, Gesture Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer. Having multiple uses of these sensors will make the phones more efficient and help in bringing generational changes in now almost stagnant mobile phone development.

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