New Reports Reveal Nexus 6 Will Arrive Sooner Than You Expect

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New Reports Reveal Nexus 6 Will Arrive Sooner Than You Expect

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According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Google will announce its next flagship Android smartphone, the Nexus 6, by the end of this month. While it didn’t say the handset will be sold as the Nexus 6, the publication confirmed its internal code name, “Shamu” adding that the handset will have a 5.9-inch high-resolution display and will be sold under the Nexus brand.

The Wall Street Journal hasn’t heard an exact release date, it has heard that the Google Nexus 6 will arrive this month, and will be bigger and cheaper than the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 with a 5.9-inch display. The same features have been mentioned in countless leaks that detailed Google’s first Nexus-branded phablet. Previous reports also claimed the phone will arrive by late October or early November.

Google Nexus 5 11

Google Nexus 5

“Shamu,” or Moto S, depending on which website you follow, but those are most likely just code names, much like Hammerhead was for the Nexus 5. As you might already know, it’s been suggested that Google might shake up the naming convention. The most popular replacement for Google’s numeric tradition is to simply call it Nexus or even Nexus X.

The new Nexus device is said to be a super-sized, more powerful version of the Moto X. While there are a lot of photos and videos leaked regarding the new Nexus device, the reports illustrate that the appearance of the device is basically going to be a scaled up 2nd generation Moto X with some minor tweaks to make the larger size easier to use. It is also said that it’ll have the same aluminum frame, and the company has apparently relocated the phone’s lock and volume buttons down to make them more reachable.

Nexus devices are known for proving pricing rumors wrong every time they debut in the market. They often seem much cheaper than what the specs and user experience would demand. The only price leak we’ve seen is a relatively sketchy one from TKTechNews, who reportedly spotted a listing for a Nexus X device for $420 for 32GB and $450 for 64GB without contract.

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