Top 5 Android Tablet Apps That You Should Download Today

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Top 5 Android Tablet Apps That You Should Download Today

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Android tablets have evolved to become full-featured devices. But these tablets have been criticized for not having a mature ecosystem, they require good apps to take advantage of everything they have to offer.

We are listing Top 5 tablet-specific apps to make your Android tablet work well for both professional and leisure activities.

1. Adobe Photoshop Touch

photoshopThis app certainly won’t replace its powerful desktop counterpart, but for the more serious designer, Photoshop Touch offers a plethora of tools that no other photo editing app suites can think of touching on Android, such as Layered images, magic wand selections, clone stamps and plenty more. You can also integrate it into Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which means that you can do minor editing on your tablet and then sync a file to your desktop to continue working on it on Photoshop.

2. Pocket


One of the most comfortable uses of a tablet is sitting on the couch and reading. Pocket lets you set aside articles for casual browse later. Also, it automatically downloads saved articles for offline reading and is particularly handy if you want to load up a Wi-Fi-only tablet and take it with you when you leave home.

3. AirDroid


AirDroid is the only app on the list which is not specifically designed for a tablet. However, it is one of the best apps to work on a tablet. AirDroid allows you to access your files and data on your tablet remotely without having to plug it in to your desktop. You can even reply to text messages or update applications. If you spend a lot of time at your desk with your devices plugged in, AirDroid is a must-have.

4. Dashclock Widget


Dashclock widgets is one of the best suited widget app for tablets. With a variety of extensions that you can plug in, you can use this widget to keep updated of everything in your digital life. There are a ton of extensions available to customise the Dashclock and on a larger tablet, you can turn this widget into a veritable control panel, which is not available on any other widget app until now.

5. Hipmunk


Hipmunk has raised the expectations from travel search every other travel app, offering a unique “misery index” algorithm for evaluating flights. Hotels get similar treatment, making this an ideal app for travel research.

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