The Chinese Built an Incredible Glass-Bottomed Bridge 600ft Above Sea Level

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The Chinese Built an Incredible Glass-Bottomed Bridge 600ft Above Sea Level

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For those of you who have vertigo – this piece of information may not interest you. Eleven engineers in China have made a new glass-bottom bridge that is 980 ft. long and is suspended between two cliffs at 600 ft above the ground.

China Glass Bridge

The bridge is being called the Haohan Qiao Bridge, which means the ‘Brave Men’s Bridge’ in English. It is located at the Shiniuizhai National Geological Park in southern China and is attracted many tourists from all over the country.

However, this bridge was not always made of glass, it was previously just a long wooden overpass that linked the two peaks of Stone Buddha Mountain.

More information about the bridge tells us that it was made using double thick glass panes, which weighed about 140 kg and required four people to lift and put it in place. The glass is also said to be 25 times stronger than regular window glass and visitors are given special footwear to travel across.

What we’ve also found out, is that this idea of glass-bottomed walkways is a new adventure thrill among the Chinese in recent times. Apart from the Haohan Qiao Bridge, there is also a glass elevator opened in Hubei. This elevator allows people to reach the peak of the mountain, without having to trek it up.

Glass Elevator

It is situated next to the cliff face and is 3,543 feet above sea level. This is not even the end, there’s another glass-bottomed bridge that is currently being constructed in Zhangjiajie, Hunan at 984 ft. above the canyon it is being built over.

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