Huawei’s Upcoming AR Glasses Will Integrate With Its Smartwatch

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Huawei’s Upcoming AR Glasses Will Integrate With Its Smartwatch

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Richard Yu, Huawei CEO announced last year that they are working on AR glasses that are compatible with a smartphone. Having said that, Huawei also revealed that they will unveil their AR glasses by the end of 2018, or in 2019.

About The Patent

However, a newly published patent reveals that Huawei is trying to pair the AR glasses with a smartwatch, not a smartphone. The patent indicates that the smartwatch can be attached to the glasses. The patent for “Eyeglass frame” was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization. According to the patent, the device is a lightweight, discrete and a relatively inexpensive AR headset.

Smartwatch Compatibility

It is interesting to note that the glasses don’t have any camera, display or communication means installed. For all these functions, you may need to have your smartwatch with you. Furthermore, the glasses have an adapter and a mirror to reflect the display towards the user. The adapter is present close to the smartwatch. The new AR glasses also support audio playback.

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As per source, the smartwatch can be only attached in a single direction. The display of the smartwatch has to face inwards and the camera has to face outwards. It also has capabilities to record the user’s movements. For the AR glasses, a transparent, as well as a semi-transparent optical element, can be used. Huawei hasn’t released or even hinted at a smartwatch with a camera, so we will have to wait for a smartwatch with a camera first. 


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