The best Case for the iPhone 4 / 4s in India because it adds dual sim phone

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The best Case for the iPhone 4 / 4s in India because it adds dual sim phone

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Although not yet available to buy, this iPhone 4 / 4s case is going to be a best seller once it hits the Indian market. The cover is a bulky plastic shell that may not appeal at first, but turn it round back and you will find a full fledged dual sim mobile phone. Wow!

That converts your micro sim based iPhone into practically a triple sim phone. The company’s specs are a bit funny especially if you use Google Translate ( originally in chinese). The first line was easily deciphered : “it does not need to break prison” = no need for jailbreak!

Either way the cover is a bit pricy at 70$ or about Rs. 3500/- but its considering that the cover does have a dual sim phone at the back.

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 iPPEEL skin function

It doesn’t need to break prision, use directly

skin fuselage support double card, plus the iphone can double to support three card to three

The operating system MTK system and bring the keyboard and screen, no electricity in the iphone can working independence

Charge function:support the charge

The tail into the plugin skin state ai design, do not take up the original iphone line interface, use process can use any peripherals

Bluetooth:support for bluetooth & headset

Signal strength skin for the mobile platform design, signal strength and production quality is guaranteed

The phone and short message software, ai design 1000 calls the skin, 1000 short message, independent, not kept in separate on iphone, a software from the iphone convert to ai skin contact

At the same time when two mobile phone calls and come, ai can hang up skin another phone, or the ai and isolated, iphone skin affection to each other

Every phone around 20 standby, text messages around 20 can use 2.5 days, the original machine with two batteries

GPRS Internet independent GPRS Internet functions

Prices are reasonable!!



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