Leaked: Google’s New Nexus 5 Built By LG

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Leaked: Google’s New Nexus 5 Built By LG

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Google stopped selling its 2014 Nexus Flagship earlier this year, and all tech fanatics are now looking forward to the possibility of a new and improved version of the Nexus 5 releasing. A rumour of course, stated that Google along with its partners LG and Huawei were working on producing two new Nexus phones this year.

A photo leaked via twitter showed us what could possibly be a peak at the new Nexus 5. The picture simply shows the back of the device that has a red circle at the end, which is probably the LG logo suggesting that it isn’t a Huawei collaboration, this time. Also can be seen, is a camera lens and similar sized circle that looks like a fingerprint scanner.

Renders also showed the rumoured Huawei Nexus 6, that was leaked around the same time. If these rumours are to be believed, then this new upcoming Nexus could actually prove as a boon for not just just Google in its forbidden territory, China, but will also help Huawei to establish a hold in the United States.

There are no official statements issued by either of the companies as of now, and report suggested that the phones are likely to hit the market, this fall. Watch this space for more updates.

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    Nachiketa Tuteja

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    Cost will be the main factor

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    Yes,thay are trying to bring it under range of 300$ to 400$.

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    Now i know why you are so late
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    Lets hope the price isn’t more than 25k

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    No doubt on LG but just one hesitation about the Battery Life

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    review low budget Metro B350E

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