Top 5 HD Games That Will Push Your Flagship to its Limit

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Top 5 HD Games That Will Push Your Flagship to its Limit

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Gaming nerds with powerful smartphones need a good game or two that fully showcases what their phones are capable of. The games we’re talking about are the console-like high-definition games that are heavy, processor-consuming, and feature kickass visuals.

Give your Pac-Man 256 and Crossy Road a break and let your smartphone shift into overdrive with these high-definition games.

 Walking Dead: The Game

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead TV show or the comics? Well, you don’t have to be to enjoy this 5 episode zombie apocalyptic game. Yes, the game is set in the same fictional world as the comics, but the characters are mostly new. There’s plenty of zombie killing and gore if you’re thirsty for blood. The story keeps you hooked and the game hinges on the choices that you make. The graphics are pretty great and the zombies are clear enough to put some genuine fear in your movements.

The 1st Season is free but you’ll have to  pay via in-app purchase for season 2-5. Download it here for Android and here for iOS.

Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Implosion is an all out hack-and-slash action game developed by Rayark Games. The game has impressive graphics and control systems and works well within the limitations of the hardware to give you something exciting.

In the game, you wear a mech-suit with a number of weapons at your disposal, travelling through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The game is simple enough: slash and dash your way through mutant armies and monsters. Honestly, do you need anything more? The game is free for Android users, but iOS users will have to shell out Rs. 620 for it.

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War

This is Call of Duty for your mobile. Brothers in Arms is your traditional war game with loads of gun fight. Released in December 2014, The 3rd game in the series is set during World War II that sees you shooting, stabbing, and blasting your way through the Nazis. The levels are small and just right for those who want to be able to stop and get back to work.

If you’re in for a simple, shoot and kill video game that boasts of a pretty neat sound design then you should definitely download Brothers in Arms 3. Click here for Android users and here for iOS.

Gangster Vegas

Now this is the Grand Theft Auto for the mobile. Gangster Vegas released in 2013 and is still among the top downloaded games today. The game is set in Las Vegas and the story is set around Jason Maloe, a mixed martial arts fighter. The game employs many of the elements from popular driving games, third-person shooters and features a GTA-like “open world” gameplay.

Let it be known that Grand Theft Auto is also available for the mobile for Rs. 300. So, if you want a free solution to your ‘gangsta’ needs, you can download Gangster Vegas here for Android and here for iOS.

 Leo’s Fortune

Okay, we’ve saved the best for the last. Leo’s Fortune is a super fun ride and beautifully crafted for your smartphone. This highly rated Swedish game features a mustachioed “fluff ball” and his goal is to recover stolen treasure in the form of gold coins. The player guides Leopold and slides him through various platform levels. The game is not free and costs around Rs. 300 but this one is guaranteed to deliver on the ultimate fun quotient.

We’d recommend you to go for Leo’s Fortune just to be able to slide Leo left and right, which is really fun and the game’s graphics is one of its highlights. If you’re still a little skeptical about this game, you can read the reviews on the App Store and Google Play and decide whether its worth your money.

Have more games you think, will blow your mind? Let us know in the comments below.


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