Top Tech Gadgets & Accessories For The Month Of March

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Top Tech Gadgets & Accessories For The Month Of March

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Every month we scavenge the internet to compile a list of top tech gadgets that can make your life a tad bit easier. Like every other Top Tech article, the products in this listicle are highly utilitarian which can come in handy for readers of all age groups. 

Rugged Speaker

The rugged multi-function speaker is a perfect companion for the people who are always on the go. It has several gadgets that are consolidated in a portable unit which is easy to carry. It has a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery that powers the LED torch and the dual Bluetooth speakers. In addition to Bluetooth, it can also play songs via auxiliary input and a microSD card. It can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices and is waterproof. 

Portable Fan

The summers are approaching fast which will be accompanied by scorching heat and temperatures upwards of 35-degree Celsius. The portable fan has a 2600 mAh inbuilt battery which can provide a run time of up to 9 hours. It has five-speed options which can be toggled by pressing the power button present on its front. The main fan body connects to the cylindrical battery unit with the help of USB Type-A connector which is standard on most power banks. Therefore it can also be powered by other power banks. It has a circular docking station which stores and charges the unit when not in use. 

Fingerprint Secured Padlock

With the introduction of fingerprint sensors on smartphones, biometric authentication has started gaining popularity even to other devices. This small fingerprint secured padlock has a robust feel as it is mainly made of metal. It has a side mounted micro-USB charging port which can be used to recharge its inbuilt battery. The user can record up to 10 fingers on the device which is plenty. It is easy to set up with fast fingerprint recognition. 

TP-Link USB Hub

In an effort to shrink the size of a modern laptop, OEMs tend to kit them only with a limited number of input-output ports. Out of all the I/O ports on a computer, the USB port is undoubtedly the most versatile one. The compact TP-Link USB hub allows the user to connect upto 4 different peripherals in just one USB port. Laptop users who travel frequently would surely understand the need for one such gadget. Coming from a brand like TP Link, it has a robust build and a well sought design which is small enough to fit in a pocket.

Bluetooth Earphones

As smartphone OEMs tend to eliminate the 3.5 mm audio jack from their mobile offerings, the need for a pair of Bluetooth earphone becomes unavoidable. However, it is hard to choose an earphone which has worthy performance and can be acquired for cheap. The Chkokko wireless earphones appear to be replicas of high earphones. Nevertheless, under Rs 800 mark they are a reliable option that even offers features like magnetic backs of the earbuds. 

Sticky Phone Mount

Though 2 in 1 silicone mobile holder from Baseus has a tiny form factor, it is big in terms of functionality. As the name suggests, it has a sticky silicone surface whose one end can be stuck to a flat surface and the other end can be used to attach a mobile phone. However, it is not limited to one particular gadget as the silicone top has reliable sticking properties which can also hold several other accessories like keys. Notably, it has a washable surface which can be rinsed to restore its stickiness. It also has a groove in the centre which can be used to wrap and carry a charging cord. 

Anti-Theft Laptop Bag

Finding a good laptop bag can be hard and the ones that are offered as a freebie with the machine cannot satisfy the needs of every consumer. The anti-theft backpack has a number lock that can be used to secure its contents. The backpack has separate pockets and compartments which are purposely designed to accommodate gadgets like a tablet, headphones, laptop and many more. It has an easy to grab plastic handle that allows it to be carried even for extended periods of time. 

Multi Function Wireless Charging Mat

This gadget is essentially a mouse pad which has several other peripherals built into it. It has a built-in battery which is claimed to provide a playtime of up to 10 hours. It has dual speakers on either side which are quite loud and connected with the help of both Bluetooth and auxiliary cable. Praiseworthy, it also has a wireless charger which as the name suggests can be used to charge wireless charging compatible devices. It has a textured surface which prevents the mouse from sliding around involuntarily. 

Camera Desk Organiser

The desk organiser does not have any electronic components but is a static accessory which can be placed on tables and countertops. It has a sturdy build with a fascinating appearance and it can be used to hold several items ranging from pens to keys to even mobile phones. The organiser has a removable partition which can be easily removed to accommodate wide objects. 

Night Lamp/Wireless Charger

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The wireless charger has an attractive design with a glossy black plastic build which is encircled by a translucent LED ring. The LED ring can is movable can be set onto different angles dependent on the choice of the user. The wireless charger can recharge a compatible device with up to 10w of maximum power which is what most devices support. The rear of the unit has a touch sensitive panel which can be used to control the LED ring light which has three different presets. 

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