PUBG Mobile: Tips And Tricks To Become An Ace Player

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PUBG Mobile: Tips And Tricks To Become An Ace Player

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PUBG is a worldwide phenomenon and the number of players is still growing. In this highly competitive multiplayer battle royale game, a hundred players are dropped into an area with no weapons whatsoever. The last man standing ( or the last team ) emerges as the winner. There are different levels or Seasons that judges the player’s rankings. These are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace and Conqueror. The top 500 players in a server are titled Conqueror. Becoming an Ace itself is very difficult and requires a lot of man hours. But if you play smart and use a few tricks you can be a notch above the rest and emerge victorious in a lot of matches. We share the tips and tricks that we have learnt in the over 500 games of PUBG we played over two seasons and reached Ace every time.

Know Where To Land

Landing is everything. Knowing the best places to land can be a win or lose decision. There are certain hot spots on the maps that are always full of other people as these areas usually spawn better items. However landing here and getting those items might not always win you a game. There are several instances of people getting a sniper and 8x scope just upon landing only to be killed by a shotgun wielding enemy. If you are great at fighting with any gun or any other weapon then and only then land in places like this.

Places like Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, Military Base in Erangel, Los Leones, El Pozo in Miramar and Kampong, Cave and Bootcamp in Sanhok are very hot and sees a lot of traffic. In case you are interested in climbing the season ladder then make sure to avoid these areas. Only make risky plays when you have a Tier protection.



How To Parachute

The first important step to win games is to know when to pick your battles. Parachuting in first to a place makes a lot of difference as one can start eliminating enemies with a car or even a single shotgun if they can pick it up before the enemy does. There is a great secret on how to start from the same point, in the same time, but reach the ground faster. When guiding the parachute make sure you are flying diagonally. pull your finger to the top left or top right side of the controller circle and fly at a slight angle. This increases the fling speed and helps you land faster.

Knowing Your Strength

Just like most games, this game also has certain player roles. These are Camper, Gunslinger, Sniper, Shotgun Lover and Lazy Bum. Find your play style and stick to it. If you like to go head on to a fight and are good at it, then do that and make sure you don’t die. Use smokes and grenades when charging into a house. If you like to avoid fights until the very end when there are 10 or so people alive, then find safe areas and camp in a house or in the grass etc. Finding your strengths and playing to it will win you a lot of games.

Weapons To Use

There are a lot of different weapons that once can pick up from the different houses in PUBG. Some have a better range, some have better spread, some recoil less and some may reload faster than the other. One needs to adapt to the game when choosing weapons. If you are storming a house then you need a shotgun or a weapon with a close range like an UZI or a pistol. If you are shooting enemies across a field, or a considerable distance away, then using a sniper or an M416 is recommended. The scope, Muzzle, Mag and Foregrip also play a major role in deciding your shot accuracy. Read about each and every weapon in the ‘Weapons’ tab in PUBG mobile and you will slowly get the hang of it.

Items To Pick Up

There is a very limited space in your backpack. Depending on the level of the backpack, you will quickly run out of space if you have a ton of things loaded in it. If you are picking up a Gas can, fill up your vehicle as soon as you can to free up space. Many items take up more space than other items so chose what you wish to carry wisely. If you are using a combination of an SMG and a long range rifle, you probably won’t need the pistol and it’s bullets.

Discard old bullets if you change guns as those take up space. Pick up guns that have different characteristics. Many a times I have seen people carrying two M416 guns because they feel that that is the best and is quite rare. Even if it is a rare item, don’t carry two of the same guns.

Advanced Tips


This is an extremely good feature and most beginners do not use it. In a house to house combat leqaning or peeking from a window will give you a view of your enemy without fully exposing yourself to gunshots. When under fire, this will help you to just peek your head out and not your entire body. You are still prone to headshots or your helmet being completely obliterated, but the chance of getting hit reduces significantly.

Staying Outside The First Circle

Staying outside the first circle hardly reduces much health. You can stay outside the first circle and search houses without bearing too much damage. You can do that by using bandages and health packs for a long time without losing out on much. There will be lesser enemies and you can loot houses in peace.

Reload Every Time You Disengage 

Many of the deaths occur because a player forgets to reload. When taking fire from an enemy suddenly if you need to reload, that can mean death or at least damaging your bulletproof vest or helmet. The best practice is to reload everytime you get a chance. In between shots, even if you get a few seconds, make sure to reload.

Using The Flare Gun 

Using the flare gun can be a great way to gain an edge over your enemies in PUBG. Be it an armoured car drop or a gun drop. Knowing when and where to use a flare gun is crucial. If you get it early on in the game, and you have landed in an area inside the circle with lesser number of enemies, then use it inside the circle itself. In case there are a lot of enemies still alive and nearby, go outside the circle and settle for the armoured vehicle. If you are in the military base and the circle is on the other side of the map, having the armoured vehicle is also useful as the bridges might be camped.

Climb On The Roof Of A Building 

Some buildings with balconies let you climb on the roof by jumping on top of the door. This is a great way to stay hidden if you are alone and your teammates have died. Or even if you have a sniper rifle and want to get a great vantage point without anyone noticing you.

Zig Zag And Jump When Taking Fire 

When pushing into a safe zone circle, there is a chance that enemies might shoot from inside the zone. Try to zig zag and jump when running head on into enemies. It makes you a difficult target to shoot at.

Frying Pan 

The frying pan is bulletproof. It can be extremely useful to knock someone out cold if they are very close to you.

So go ahead, follow these tips and be the next ace! Do let us know in the comment section below, about how these tips and tricks helped you.




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