Upcoming PUBG Mobile Update Will Add Helicopters, RPGs And Combat Vehicles

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Upcoming PUBG Mobile Update Will Add Helicopters, RPGs And Combat Vehicles

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PUBG Mobile has seen massive success across the globe. The credit to Tencent Games’ mobile port is definitely its hardworking developers that brought popular battle royale franchise to handheld devices. But, a multiplayer game is only alive as long as the game is constantly updated with new content and features. Hence, a bold new update is bringing the fight from the skies with helicopters soon being added to the game.

PUBG Mobile

New Vehicles

Previously, Tencent Games had confirmed that it was working on a rework of the map Erangel for PUBG Mobile which was first introduced in PUBG PC. Now, the company is further expanding on that update by also rolling out new types of vehicles that bring an entirely new dimension of aerial combat. The helicopter itself seems to bear resemblance to the real-life Boeing AH-6 Light Helicopter.

PUBG Mobile

It can be found on a helipad on top of School in Erangel and is currently in the beta version of the Chinese build of PUBG Mobile. Furthermore, a new BRDM combat ground vehicle will be added to the game which was also first seen in PUBG PC. BRDM is a vehicle that is extremely durable against gunfire and explosions and can travel both on land and water. 

New Weapons

PUBG Mobile’s update that brings the helicopters may turn the tide heavily in the favour of those that get to the chopper first. However, gamers do not worry as Tencent is also adding a bunch of new guns to counter the flying vehicle. In the new update, a homing missile launcher will be present to make sure the hail of bullets from above do not win from mere advantageous positioning.

PUBG Mobile

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It means that both the team on the ground and the ones flying in the sky need to keep an eye on each others movement. Other guns such as a grenade launcher is also being added and will be one of the go to weapons against BRDM users in PUBG Mobile. Unfortunately, it is currently unknown when the feature goes live since it is only available in China, but a global launch is expected to arrive soon.

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