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To cater to the many needs of advertisers we offer several advertising means.

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Over the past four years, we’ve learned that the best content campaigns are integrated and long-term — they feature multimedia, community engagement elements and offline events to bring your brand face–to–face with iGyaan’s influential audience for sustained periods of time.

Various sizes of banners.

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iGyaan’s Editorial Team Produces Content Presented by Your Brand.

Our Branded Content is crafted to align your brand with relevant themes and to resonate strongly with your target audience, in a format that is native to iGyaan. A Branded Content series includes a destination page, which houses all of your branded content in one convenient location, surrounded by your brand messaging and social widgets. Our creative and product teams provide brand partners with turnkey solutions and designs.

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Social Brand Lift

Showcase your Social assets prominently on iGyaan’s homepage — its social content, whether it be from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Vine accounts. Through iG Brand Lift, your brand’s social assets will stay in an optimal position on the iGyaan homepage ensuring a massive deliverance to our influential audience. 

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