This Could Be BlackBerry’s First Android Smartphone

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This Could Be BlackBerry’s First Android Smartphone

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Here’s a very new and modern looking (by modern we mean quirky and awkward obviously) phone for you, playfully termed as the “FrankenBlackBerry”. BlackBerry has partnered with Android and come up with this device, so, it is basically a BlackBerry Android Phone! Didn’t see that coming did you?

blackberry android phone

A rendering of this device was leaked by Evan Blass on Twitter. The picture shows us a device that runs on Android with a 16:9 display as compared to BlackBerry’s traditional square screen. No, this phone does not look like a remote control. Never.

Further reports tell us that it’s even a slider, you know, so that the tall phone fits in your pocket, because – 2005. We all know how stylish a slider is, Gossip Girl taught us that, however, unfortunately the slide phone could be less durable, heavy, thick etc which would make typing slightly uncomfortable.

But then again, no pain no gain. If Samsung and LG can come up with Android supporting flip phones then why not? However, there have been no official announcements or reports about this device, though it could be a device that could work due to nostalgia – just like Terminator Genisys.

Source : Twitter 

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  • Varun Jain

    sorry but I didnt find it quirky or awkward..this looks cool.

  • Harsh Shah

    Ab aaya na unt pahad k niche

  • Manmeet Singh Khurana

    Manish Damani Regatte Goutham

  • Soham Pal

    BB rocks with its own os.. I think they should manufacture phones with BB os only and not with Android..

  • Shadat Hossain

    This Could Be BlackBerry’s First Android Smartphone and probably the last

  • Atemlos Schiller


  • Rahul Gautam

    lucky she is.. Nokia never got the chance…

  • Mohammad Faraz

    Price = 1 Kidney

  • Gaurav Sahu

    Blackberry venice

  • Rehman A Mughal

    Ye b flop ho jayga….hahaha

  • Mukti Prakash Panda

    wow…good news..

  • Govardhan CoreLogic Mane

    Nonono, BBos was a really good and stable and a very secure OS.

  • Kushal Soni

    waiting for Nokia’s android phones

  • Maddy Vishwas Joshi

    Too Late… ! -_-

  • Rizwan Azad

    If it turns out to be true, it could be another disaster for the Canadian company. A slider phone in 2015? Going by the renders it appears to be too thick, bland and boring and I don’t know how sturdy would it be with that slider keyboard.