HTC to Make Future Nexus Smartphones: What You Can Expect

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HTC to Make Future Nexus Smartphones: What You Can Expect

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We all knew that there a lot was riding on HTC to deliver with its upcoming flagship, the HTC 10. It seems that HTC has its hands full a lot more now that Google has returned to it to manufacture the next set of Nexus devices until 2019, at least. According to rumours, HTC has signed a 3-year contract to build Google’s Nexus phones for 3 years. Given that HTC was responsible for the first Nexus device way back in 2010, it’s not an entirely strange decision for Google to come a full circle.

Last year, LG and Huawei were in charge of building the Nexus phones. The LG 5X and Huawei 6P Nexus phones were received with mixed reactions. The devices came with impressive specifications for 2015 but the designing was less inspiring than most other smartphones out there. This could be why HTC is now donning the thinking cap. But is this the right time for HTC?

HTC Nexus One (2010)

HTC Nexus One (2010)

We’ve seen that HTC has recently been receiving very underwhelming responses towards its latest devices. The One M9 and One A9 were both criticised for its lack of creativity in terms of design. Meanwhile, the upcoming HTC 10 flagship also seems to be influenced by the One A9 while fans were really hoping for a great new design by the company, more in line with the One M7.

However, Google seems to feel that HTC has what it takes to make great looking devices. The Nexus 5X made by LG came with a very flimsy looking plastic body and didn’t give too much aesthetically. The one made by Huawei, on the other, came with a premium feel to it with a metal unibody though the long, black rear camera bar on top gave it a slight unattractive quality.

Huawei Nexus 6P 15

Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X

It has been rumoured that Google plans on launching, at least, two Nexus devices this year. While we’re still not sure whether HTC will be in charge for both (Huawei could still be in the game), the company will still be responsible for at least 4-6 Nexus models until 2019.

If we go by rumours and HTC’s design philosophy in the past (which is in a dubious state as of now), we can expect that the upcoming Nexus device will feature 3D Touch functionality, a metal construction, solid build with minimalistic design, and powerful specs. HTC has usually tried to keep things simple when it comes to looks and you can perhaps expect slimmer bezels as compared to the Nexus 5X and 6P. And how about throwing in some BoomSound speakers as well?


HTC has a lot on its plate this year. After launching the HTC 10, the company will shift its focus on the Nexus. Add to this, it also looks like HTC is going to focus on virtual reality a lot more, given that its Vive VR headset is among the best in the nascent VR game. The company is looking at ways to incorporate VR in its flagship which we may get a taste of in the upcoming Nexus device, and you can bet Google is very interested in that as well. After all, Google has the Carboard for it and has been reportedly working on a new virtual reality headset much like the Gear VR.

Google will also likely release an Android VR software along with the VR headset that will look to enhance the VR experience by making the software native to the Android operating system. This will not only help Google’s own VR product but HTC’s as well. From where we see it, the timing for the two company’s could not have been better. We wait and see what HTC and Google have in store for us this.

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  • Mohit Singh

    Top model h yrrr…..

  • V? Ti?n Thành

    Mediatek come back to china and stay with android one :v

  • Naaman Reyes

    Wtf no! I don’t think HTC should be making more Nexus devices, if you’ve seen there 2 previous phones the m9 and a9 the specs on them were just too basic and need to step up their game. In fact I think it should be huawei to keep making more Nexus devices because it has nice specs and a nice body and huawei is sure to improve more than HTC. All I see what Google is doing now is dropping phone sales on upcoming Nexus devices by working with HTC. That’s is just……..ughhhh. Even LG makes better phones than HTC excluding the fact that HTC uses more premium materials.

  • Adam BDev

    Jeffrey van Herwaarden hahhha

  • Jeffrey van Herwaarden

    Qcom ftw :D

  • Vishal Shukla

    R u kidding me…. Samsung is lot better, at least they have best display and camera.

  • Harish Umarji

    We can expect high pricing

  • Robin Jain

    I know but for a company like HTC which is known for quality, we didn’t expect that

  • Pratik Ramesh Pappali

    Only the budget HTC phones are sold with mediatek processors. All its flagship devices like One m8 and m9 run on snapdragon.

  • Adam BDev

    Yeah you right bro

  • Sharath Kiran

    but bro still it need to improve a lot bro.. only notek3 came out as a best performer n now is LeTV le1s

  • Adam BDev

    wow its time that Mediatek to **** Qualcomm

  • Sharath Kiran

    Jeffrey van Herwaarden Adam BDev V? Ti?n Thành Manoj Nec look bros a mediatek nexus coming soon :D :D

  • Robin Jain

    My expectations is that HTC should not make Nexus devices.
    These days HTC is not focusing on quality,
    Just check there phones, how even they can choose mediatek over snapdragon.

  • Himanshu Jain

    I would expect a steep drop in Nexus phones salesU0001f601U0001f605U0001f602

  • Snehit Shiraguppi

    they deserve that.. as they were the first to introduce Android os. but LG has made great Nexus’s.. hope LG too continues to make Nexus’s

  • Krishna Jackson

    I like Nexus phones of~LG

  • cva_thapa

    igyaan I can only expect Crap.

  • mukul_taneja10

    igyaan is ?Google trying to lift HTC smartphone market

  • Shreyas Belur

    Saahith Hegde the next nexus is by HTC!

  • Raghav Batra

    No boom sound -.-

  • Vinit Shah

    What can v expect from HTC ?? Good looking phone with sky-high prizes & mediocre specs.

  • Príyãm Rõy

    RIP Nexus devices!!!

  • Tarun Chauhan

    may be more expensive than the moto or lg nexus devices

  • Jakirhassan5225

    igyaan Pretty sure htc will screw dis one up too

  • Abhishek Mishra

    htc is the first compny to bring android into smartphns bro

  • Ratnadeep Gaikwad

    Great news, HTC buid quality and looks are unmatched in the Android Smartphone universe.

  • Abhishek Mishra

    solid built with great design n awesm hardware=google+htc