Microsoft Launches ‘Anti-Google’ Cups, T-shirts and More

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Microsoft Launches ‘Anti-Google’ Cups, T-shirts and More

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Microsoft’s anti-Google campaign ‘Scroogled’ is started a few months ago, when in February Microsoft pointed a finger at Google for not respecting users privacy. It seems that Microsoft wants more revenge pie, as the ‘Scroogled’ campaign is back with a bang.

Microsoft has assigned a whole section of latest merchandise on its anti-Google campaign. The products, which range from caps to T-shirts to mugs, most of them saying Google is collecting personal data on its users. The prices vary, but for $7.99 you can buy a mug that has a moniker “keep calm while we steal your data.” This is a bold approach from Microsoft and another direct and odd attack at Google.

The description of the Anti-Google mug on the Scroogled section of Microsoft’s website said:

Put 15-ounces of your favorite beverage into this stoneware mug to let the world know that even though Google is trying to make money on almost every aspect of your digital life, you’re still calm. And fully caffeinated.

Most products include the logo for Chrome, Google’s popular web browser. Check out the gallery below and for more information on the product you can check out the source. Do not forget to tell us what is your take on this move from Microsoft ?



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Microsoft should stop this nonsense. Microsoft and billgates is well know from the beginning for its copycat formulas. It has no right to cry on google and pretend as if it is caring a lot for user’s data. Everyone knows what this stupid campaign is all about. All microsoft wants is that people should dump gmail and sign up for outlook mail. Google has clearly said that no human would be reading user’s e-mails. If microsoft is so much sure, caring and right about what it say’s, why cant they sue google on this, on behalf of people, instead of… Read more »

awsome microsoft….respect………..directly in google’s face