Genie is a Replicator from Star Trek That Can Prepare Meals in Seconds

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Genie is a Replicator from Star Trek That Can Prepare Meals in Seconds

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While watching Star Trek, did you ever think how cool it would be to own the ‘Replicator’ device that could synthesize meals and beverages on demand? Well, if that was your wish then Genie is here to accomplish all your food needs in a matter of 30 seconds. An Israeli company has developed an instant-baking machine called ‘Genie’, which is a replica of Replicator. It is just like having a personal chef that turns pods of dehydrated powders into meals on demand.

It’s a futuristic idea, but we are yet to understand the technology behind this. The company hasn’t disclosed the patented technology that runs this revolutionary device, but it surely is a piece of technology from the future. All you have to choose is the food pod and place it inside Genie. After 30 seconds, the desired food will be before you. The Genie is operated through an app that can personalise the meal, for example if you wish to have a gluten- or egg-free meal.

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The pods that are small containers are stuffed with freeze-dried natural ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. The contents in the pod stay fresh for a year or two. Just add a little water and the pod is ready to be added to the Genie. When you push the button on Genie’s mobile app, the device starts adding required liquids from tubes attached to the back of the compact machine and mixes them. It bakes or cooks the desired dish at the appropriate temperature.

The product is being modified to prepare meals specific to the taste of the gourmand. Genie co-developer Doron Marco says, “Eventually Genie will know your micro-biome and will prepare the pod for you, just for you.”

Meanwhile, Genie cannot prepare all types of cuisines and the device makers are developing new recipes for Genie pods. But it is right to say that Genie is the first step to the evolution of food technology. The day is not far when chefs will be replaced by Genies.

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