Origin Games Announce the Release Of Their New Product – Rock Band 4

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Origin Games Announce the Release Of Their New Product – Rock Band 4

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Origin Games has announced the release on their new title Rock band 4. This set has been published by Harmonix Music Systems with wireless controllers developed by Mad Catz, and have been exclusively made for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Two bundles are expected to release, one called the Rock Band 4 Guitar Bundle  at Rs.13,990 and the Rock Band 4 Band-In-A-Box at Rs. 26,990.

The Rock Band 4 Guitar Bundle comes with the full version of the Rock Band 4 Game Software along with a wireless guitar controller. This wireless guitar controller is in the form of the Fender Stratocaster and comes with two sets of fret buttons, a silent strum bar, a whammy bar, and a redesigned tilt sensor for fail-proof Overdrive activation.

Rock Band 4 Guitar Bundle

Rock Band 4 Band-In-A-Box, however, also comes with a full version of the Rock Band 4 Game Software, a wireless guitar controller, a wireless drum controller and an improved USB microphone. The wireless guitar controller is similar to the one in the Rock Band 4 Guitar Bundle, the wireless drum controller features a metal-plated kick pedal and velocity sensitive drum pads and the USB microphone is being termed as improved because it is completely new and features a 48 kHz quality audio, improved gain staging, and distortion prevention.

Rock Band 4 Band-In-A-Box

If you’re a real rock-star then this game also comes with freestyle guitar solos, a ‘sing for the moment’ feature, improved drum skills and allows you to work with a crowd thereby exhibiting all your entertaining skills right at home.

The official release is going to happen on the 6th of October 2015.

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