BoomStick Boosts the Sound Quality of Any Wired Headphones

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BoomStick Boosts the Sound Quality of Any Wired Headphones

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Everyone loves listening to music at the highest quality possible. For a long time now, not much has been done to improve the sound quality of music or audio in general. This year could prove otherwise. A company called BoomCloud 360 has created a device that uses algorithms to enhance the sound of anything it’s plugged into.

The BoomStick dongle is one among a suit of products BoomCloud 360 is planning to unveil at CES 2016. At $99, the BoomStick makes for a great purchase . It’s a small and light device that has a battery life of up to 14 hours. Using the dongle is fairly simple. You plug in your headphones to the dongle, and the dongle to the smartphone.


The company promises an improved audio experience likening it to the evolution from black and white to 4K TVs. The device os promising in that it hints at a future where the technology could be fitted within a phone. However, for now, a separate dongle might be a little too cumbersome for people to carry around everywhere.

You can try the BoomStick’s sound quality on the company’s website. There people can choose a handful of pre-selected songs, and a virtual BoomStick will let you toggle on and off to hear the difference. We’ll just have to wait and see all the devices BoomCloud has up its sleeve at CES.

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