HTC & Under Armour Team Up to Build A Fitness Tracking System

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HTC & Under Armour Team Up to Build A Fitness Tracking System

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If ever there was need of proof that HTC & the Under Armour team were up to good work together, then the UA HealthBox is it. It feels like ages that HTC & Under Armour announced their partnership together to roll out fitness gear such as the HTC GRIP, which sadly never saw the light of the day.

But fast forward to the first day of CES 2016, and much to the liking of fitness enthusiasts these two giants have finally launched for a measly $400( Approx Rs 26000) an all in one fitness tracking system. This apt named UA HealtBox is a collection of three different, but beautiful looking devices.

UA Band which is a fitness tracker, is designed to be worn 24/7. It tracks the number of steps taken, heart rate, workout, and sleep patterns of the user. It is the first accessory in the box.The UA Band comes in black with a red textured underside to allow for moisture wicking.

The second piece of the HealthBox is the UA Heart Rate. This is a band designed to be strapped to the users chest to provide more accurate reading of the pulse. The UA heart Rate is targeted towards athletes, and advanced users who are on intense workout regimes. It also gives an accurate calculation of calories burned during the workout.

The final piece that completes this fancy jigsaw puzzle is the UA Scale which measures your weight, and body fat ratio. The scale is Wi-Fi enabled, and syncs with the UA Record app to keep a check on things.


Though not physically a part of the UA HealthBox, but still the most critcial element of the system, is the UA Record app. Developed by Under Armour, this app is the element on which hinges the whole experience of using the UA Healthbox system. It brings together these isolated elements of the box together, making them work seamlessly as a single entity. To top it off, this app even has an option where it lets you rate on a scale of 1-10 about how you felt about your workout on a particular day!

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