Google’s Virtual Reality Headset to Launch this Year

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Google’s Virtual Reality Headset to Launch this Year

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Early in January, it was reported that Google is working on its own virtual reality headset. New reports now suggest that the successor to the Google Cardboard will see the light of day sometime this year.

Not much is known at this time as to what and how Google’s VR will look like, but sources close to the development of the device report that the company will attempt to take on Samsung’s Gear VR. This means that the Google VR will need to pair with a smartphone in order to work. However, unlike Samsung which allows only 2015 flagship devices to be compatible with its headset, Google will allow users compatibility with a wider range of devices.

Google Cardboard

Google will also likely release an Android VR software along with the VR headset that will look to enhance the VR experience by making the software native to the Android operating system.

The details as to when exactly Google plans to launch its headset is still a mystery. There is a possibility that the company will make the announcement or at the least discuss its VR intentions at this year’s Google I/O conference, which begins on May 18.

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