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Realm of the Mad God

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Realm of the Mad God, created for the TIG Assemblee competition, is ‘a massively co-op fantasy adventure’ featuring a remarkably large world to roam and explore (inhabited by thousands of monsters), real-time battling, a full leveling up system, lots of different equipment and magic spells to experiment with and different classes to choose from.

At first look the game reminds us of the 8-bit days of yore. What the game lacks in graphics it definatly makes up for in usability. The game is browser based and its so simple to play, just log in and go. Even though it already has so much content, the game is still being built. When you join, you’ll be placed into the world alongside every other connected player.

A major difference from most games of the genre is that death is permanent. It doesnt matter if your level 1 or level 100. If you die, you loose all progress that you made in the game, and you have to start over. You may get a respectable level, but one tiny slip up and its all gone.

Go and give it a try here.

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