Top 10 Tech Accessories Under Rs.1000

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Top 10 Tech Accessories Under Rs.1000

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The latest in our top 10 tech segment are tech accessories under INR 1000. We scoured the web for best accessories to buy when them rainy days strike and for those who are looking for a perfect gift to give to your geeky friend, this is the place to be.


1. Clip-On Lens Kit

It’s time to get up close and personal with photography. The clip on lens kit consists of 3 in 1 detachable lenses for your smartphone. Available in three variants, fish-eye, macro and wide angle, this lens kit will add an extra element to your basic smartphone pictures. The fisheye lens offers a wide hemispherical image whereas the macro lens is used for clicking extreme close-up pictures of a far away object. The wide-angle lens projects a substantially larger image circle than would be typical for a standard design lens of the same focal length. Put those photography lessons to use and mount these lenses to any smartphone’s existing camera lens at just INR 899.00


2. Gaming Mouse Pad

We know how the mouse pad is never long enough to accommodate your mouse, keyboard and gaming gadgets. This gaming accessory is a perfect fit for all your gaming needs and is priced at INR 890. The HAVIT HV-MP830 Professional Gaming mouse pad is long enough to comfortably place all your stuff and its anti-skid base keeps it from sliding off the table. Made from high-quality fine mesh cloth, the gaming mouse pad is durable and ensures smooth working of the mouse.


3. Five-in-One Car Charger

This car accessory is one of a kind. Owing to its unique design, this Tantra 5 USB port smart car chargers capable of charging 5 devices at once. The charger consists two parts, one with 2 ports (4.8A) for the front seaters and the other 3 ports (6A) for the people in back. It also features rapid charging with intelligent recognition IC  which detects your device’s current charge requirement to deliver fastest possible charging speed upto 2.4A per port.


4. Self Stirring Mug

Today I don’t feel like doing anything…

This self stirring mug is self explanatory and perfect for those lazy days. This battery powered mug has a dedicated button for stirring at the bottom, a double 304 stainless steel design along with a top storage unit for cookies, biscuits, crackers and even protein powder for those fitness junkies. At a price of INR 850, keep them frothy cappuccinos coming.



5. Programmable Timer Switch

The Walnut Innovations Programmable Timer switch is an energy-saving electronic timer with a load capacity of 1000 WATTS. Priced at INR 773, this smart timer can also serve as a security device by programming to turn on the house lights at a specific time in case you plan a trip and don’t want your house to appear vacant. This timer can also be used to charge your phone and save it from over charging the device.



6. AmazonBasics Nano BT Speaker

Perfect for the bathroom singers, this portable nano speaker is water resistant and available in different colours. For the price of INR 999, this bluetooth speaker can last upto 6 hours on a single charge and takes upto 2 hours to get fully charged. The speaker also has a built-in mic for making phone calls and power and volume-control buttons.



7. Mini Foldable Handy Tripod

This mini tripod can hold a camera of approximately 3kgs and is foldable, light weight and sturdy. It also doubles up as a camera stabiliser and opens up to height of approx 12-13 cm. This mini table top tripod can mount DSLR, digital camera and smartphones and is priced at INR 599.


8. Dragon War Gaming Mouse

This customizable gaming mouse from Aries is available in two colors – red and white. You can change the DPI from 800 to 3200. With six control buttons and eight programmable keys, the INR 990 gaming mouse can be programed with the included software. It also offers a braided cable and gold plated USB connector.



9. Sensy Smart Remote

Though this smart remote is originally priced at INR 1199, but for the first time, we have managed to bring the price down to under INR 1000. All you have to do is use Coupon Code: ZMBDHRMM on Amazon. The Sensy Smart Remote allows you to control your set-top box and TV from your smartphone using voice commands. You can also search and discover information regarding TV shows, switch between channels, set reminders and is compatible with Android & iOS. 



10. Gel Wrist Rest

The name says it all. This gaming accessory is a must for every gamer. Simply keep the wrist rest under your wrist while typing or gaming for extra comfort. Filled with gel the wrist rest conforms to the shape of you wrist and provide proper cushioning. The Belkin -Wave gel filled wrist rest is available at INR 963.



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